The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Railways

Artificial Intelligence in Railways

Artificial intelligence has been deeply embedded in our day-to-day lives and as the pace of technology advancement accelerates, its application in transportation also appears to be one of the important solutions to improve the overall efficiency of public transport sector. Considering its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness, global rail industry is one such sector that needs to be looked upon and enhanced through the incorporation of AI.

In addition to this, the advancement in digitization is prompting consumers to expect public transport system to be more agile and informative. This is where AI in railway comes in! AI can help make transportation safer, cleaner and more reliable. It can also help reduce traffic congestion, identify risks beforehand and enable train personnel to immediately act upon them. This can help ensure the safety of general public all the while deriving customer value and optimize rail operations efficiently.

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One of the effective examples of AI technology for rail is the KONUX Predictive Maintenance System. The KONUX system is an end-to-end solution that amalgamates IIoT and AI to improve the network capacity, reduce cost and extend asset lifetime.

From railway’s track-bed to frog, it constantly monitors and analyses the working condition of every key component and provides actionable recommendations should there be any potential risks. Furthermore, the dashboard of the system provides 24/7 overview of all the critical assets of railway, thus enabling the railway staff to directly monitor from the comfort of their office.

Rajat Khare, an AI entrepreneur and founder of Boundary Holding, a Luxembourg-based investment firm which is also one of the key investors of Konux, said that he anticipates a promising future for the start-up. “Konux’s vision and passion are aligned with Boundary Holding’s core values and what we ourselves greatly respect and espouse,” stated Khare.

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In addition to this, AI-powered video analytics also plays a significant role in improving the railway’s predictive maintenance system – from ensuring security of passengers to improving the safety of maintenance teams and operational staff. However, like any other technology, AI also comes with limitations and this is where humans come into play. AI is predominantly based on data and it is up to human beings how to leverage the opportunities that these AI solutions proffer.

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