Best Color Combination to Try in 2020 : Both Interior and Exterior

Best Color combo for home

Who doesn’t love colors? Colors plays a very vital role in our daily life from choosing and wearing a cloth of our color choice to very basic lipstic color or painting the house of our dream. Expert Says that Colour we choose shows that how our think process is , how we think and how we want to live life.
SO its important we choose color for home wisely because it has a effect on our family members too. Sometime we make a mistake by choosing a wrong color palette that might effect misleading to our family members.
So We are going to tell which color palette you should choose while paiting your house inside and outside both.

Best Paint Color to for Interior:

1. Blue: Best for Promoting Your Sleep

The first and Most favorite color of many is Blue. Blue Calls the calmness or serenity so we considered blue color pallete the best combination to paint Your House.
What are the Benefits of Choosing Blue for Your Home:
1. Mood Boosting Color
2. Many People seems it as conservative and traditional
3. Research has found that people with blue room has more productivity that’s many offices has its wall colour blue.
4. It Might Seems funny but The fact is Blue color is less appetizing that why many weight loss plans also suggest to have your food in blue color plate.
5. Lower your Body Temp and your pulse rate.

So These benefits are enough to set your mood for blue color. Here we see what are the combination with blue that we can adopt for our house.

lightblue yellow and white

Midnight Blue, Black, & White


Slate Blue and Rust

Turquoise and Magenta

2. Yellow: Best for Comfort and Joy

We have Many source of yellow in our daily life that symbolize freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy. And the most important things about yellow that it goes with any color perfectly.

Benefits of Yellow Color:

1. Incease muscle energy
2. Improve your energy and concerntration
3. Enhance Your Vision and Communication
4. Helps to improve your nervous system
5. Helps to improve your decision making
Note : It is suggested to use one or more color with yellow. Some Dark and tint of white is perfect to balance the combo. It is found that Babies cry more with painted with yellow color completely.

What are the Most favorite combo with yellow:

Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow

light green and yellow

Yellow with tint of bluw and grey

Yellow with orange

Best Color combo for home


Green is the color between blue and yellow on the has the same positive energy like above. This color if sign of freshness, harmony and growth. Many People Related Green with Money so use this color in their shop.

Benefits of Color Green:

1. Green color gives a sence of hope and positivity

2. it is also helpful for depression and anxiety

3.  Also helps improving vision due to its placement of specturm.

4.  Balance Calm and harmony in your life

Color Pallete of Color Green:

Green adding shed of red


if we add blush with greet look excellent

light-green-with tint of brown

perfect green theme room

turquise with green perfect color scheme for teenager

4. Orange :

Because Orange is color between of red and yellow so it consist of energy of both. Energy of red and happiness of yellow. Orange is a sign of enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement.

Benefits of Color Orange:

1. Maintain wellness and emotional energy

2. improve your respiration and digestion system

3. Give You Excitement and enthusiasm

Color Combo of Color Orange:

perfect orange color theme room

orange, green and blue prefect match

itsn't it eye soothing


bright orange, beige and forest green

5. White : All Time Favorite

If you are confuse about the colors you can always go for white without any doubt. Paiting a room with white gives us feel like openness, spacious, clean and quiet. But Now a day there are more option available in tint of white you choose the best to give your home different look.

Benefits of White Color:

1. It make Space look appear larger

2. Give a Calm and Peace to your Mind

3. It has the ability to diffuse any light that make it brighter.

4. It Look Super clean and go with any color

White Color Combination You can try to give your home new look:



Cream with tint of brown





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