4 Things to Consider While Selling Your Car


Car sellers often face challenges when selling their used cars at a profitable rate and it usually takes time to find the right buyer. To combat this, the process needs to be simplified, efficient, and transparent so that the seller does not end up with a financial loss. Car sellers must always conduct thorough research regarding the possible routes that can be taken for the car selling process.

There are three common ways to sell used vehicles including classified websites, car dealerships, and specialist car buying companies. Each of these platforms offers a different service and will fit the requirements of some sellers but not all.

Here are four things that a car seller must consider for selling their used car conveniently.

Evaluating the Estimated Resale Value of the Vehicle

Knowing the estimated resale value of the vehicle will ensure that the car seller does not end up with a financial loss by selling it for a lower price. Car valuation can be done by referring to the car selling platforms, but the pricing criteria can vary. At a car dealership, a car seller may be asked to pay a fee for getting an estimate. After the inspection, the car dealership will offer a rate that is possibly below the market value of the vehicle. Cars dealers are professionals who have been in the business for years. They are well-versed with the market trends and what to anticipate in the coming days. Therefore, they will offer a price that is low to make maximum profit from the deal.

Classified websites have sellers with similar car models and specifications so, a car seller can compare the prices and set a price that is slightly higher than the highest price on the platform. This may be a quick and convenient pricing guide, but it is not accurate. The prices mentioned on classified websites are based on the seller’s discretion and do not undergo any regulatory process. There is a chance that the car sellers on the platform quote an exaggerated price as they did not consult a professional. This creates a gap between the price that the buyer is willing to pay and the seller’s expectations. Following this criterion can cause some problems for the seller to find the right buyer timely.

A specialist car buying company offers the car sellers an online car valuation service free of cost. The car valuation tool is available on the company’s website that requires basic information about the vehicle like the model, age, mileage, etc. Once the car seller enters the information an estimated market value is calculated within a few seconds. The process is rapid and gives the sellers a fair estimate while staying at home. If the car seller likes the estimate, they can continue the process.

Avoid Trade-in Offers by Car Dealers

Car dealerships often offer car sellers a deal to sell their used vehicles and buy the replacement from them. This is considered a single transaction which may be convenient but not beneficial for the car seller. When the car seller only sells their vehicle, they can negotiate on the price, and when they are buying, they can request a discount. However, when it is a single transaction, they cannot get both. Therefore, a trade-in leads to a financial loss for the car seller.

Checking the Condition of the Vehicle

Car sellers must be realistic about the condition of their vehicle and take the necessary steps to improve it before showing it to an interested buyer. They must thoroughly inspect their vehicle or hire a professional for this purpose. An inspection can help them find out all the issues in the vehicle, determine which of the problems can be fixed with a small expense, and which ones will be costly. It is recommended to get less costly fixtures like removing dents, scratches, and covering up ripped paint.

Washing the vehicle properly can also make a massive difference to the overall look of the vehicle. The car seller must invest some time in cleaning the vehicle thoroughly, which includes cleaning the exterior with a premium quality car cleaner and cleaning accessories to avoid any damage to the vehicle. For the interior, vacuum the floor, use an electrostatic cloth to clean the surfaces, and take out the stains from the seat covers. Apply car wax after finishing the car wash to provide the vehicle with a nice shine. The car wax acts as a protective layer on the paint of the exterior from the UV rays.

Choosing a Suitable Platform for Selling your Used Car

The platform that you choose for selling your vehicle determines the car selling experience. Car dealers are professionals who are great at negotiating and they can easily trick inexperienced sellers into accepting the price they offer. The price offered is below the market value, which results in the seller incurring a financial loss.

Classified websites have problematic pricing criteria, and they are susceptible to attracting scammers due to the lack of any check and balance by the platform. The car seller is required to manage the entire car selling process themselves and make sure that they are not dealing with fraud as the platform is not liable. Selling through a classified website can also involve time, hassle, and stress as the seller may have to meet several buyers, show them the vehicle, and engage in negotiations. Therefore, choosing a classified website can be a risky platform especially for inexperienced sellers.

Specialist car buying companies have a comprehensive car evaluation process involving multiple steps that ensure a thorough and transparent process. Car sellers can get an estimated resale value online, after which they can proceed to booking an appointment with the car experts of the company for a physical inspection. The car sellers are provided a final price for the vehicle after the inspection. The price is equivalent to the fair market value of the vehicle. If the seller finds the price acceptable, they can sign a sales agreement with the company. The company manages the paperwork and makes the payments through bank transfer. The entire process takes only a few minutes making it a rapid, convenient, and fair way to sell a used vehicle.


Following these useful tips can help car sellers sell their used vehicles conveniently. The above mentioned four tips can ensure that the car seller gets maximum profit from the deal instead of incurring any financial loss.

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