4 Things You Need To Know About Baby Gift Hampers

baby gift hamper

If you’re making a baby hamper, keep in mind that most parents these days value quality over quantity, so focus on valuable goods that won’t take up unnecessary space in the home.

The best way to know what the recipient wants or needs is to ask them directly if you know them well enough. If you want to keep it a secret, read on for some pointers on putting together the best baby gift hampers.

The “four-gift” edict

Relatives and others who want to gift hampers for small babies and kids often look on social media for them but come up with nothing. A popular hamper idea is the “law of four gifts.” It may be used to design a meaningful hamper for parents and newborns that they will both enjoy and appreciate.

Consider the “four-present” guideline when putting together a baby gift basket:

  • A toy/baby play gym
  • Baby products
  • Something to put on one’s body
  • A book is the fourth item on the list.

If you’re making a more significant gift basket, you can add more than one item for each theme. Aim for at least three of these areas if you’re working with a limited budget. Examples of a combination are a teether, an outfit, and a moisturiser. You may alternatively use a nappy balm or a present for the new parents in place of the moisturiser.

If you believe bigger is better, you’re wrong. If you wouldn’t use bargain store body creams that are loaded with chemicals, it’s likely that your friend or loved one won’t either. Instead of including a slew of subpar products, focus on a few high-quality options that new moms and newborns will like. Maybe you’ll even get them to try something new, and they’ll be hooked on it. You’ve earned brownie points! Look for organic cotton, bamboo linens, garments, and sustainably created quality baby toys, if mum is truly into organic materials.

Presents for the mother

You could consider putting something for mum (or dad) in your hamper design. You may give her a special treat or something practical. It’s important to remember that new moms deserve a little TLC like the rest of the people.


Make sure to include something special for the baby’s older siblings in your basket if one is being assembled for a newborn. It’s a purely optional addition. It’s a thoughtful gesture if you have the means to make one or have a special relationship with the mother to whom you’re presenting the present. There’s nothing complicated about it; it might be anything as simple as a small toy or colouring book to let them know you’re also sending your best wishes to them.

Baby’s Sex

Consider the baby’s gender while putting together baby gift hampers. Purchasing products in unisex colour schemes has the added benefit of allowing them to be utilised by both boys and girls in the future. Is there truly a “gender” colour anymore? It’s all up to you.

If you’re attending a large-scale baby shower, you can consider putting together a gift basket for when the baby is three months old or 12 months old. As a result, parents will not be burdened with many infant clothes and accessories they will never use or wear. It’s common for babies to outgrow their garments three or four times in the first year. When it comes to newborn apparel, some newborns don’t even have time to wear 0000 (the size for the average-sized Australian baby) before moving on to 000 (0-3 months).

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