As we are leaping forward into the future, the world is becoming more and more digitalized. One of the reasons for this is mobile app development. Every person uses different apps on different gadgets in our daily lives, So what exactly is an APP “Application” ?. It is a software program designed to perform a specific function for the user, basically, it makes your lives easier by performing different tasks and storing bulk of data into a single device. It can be very unnerving when creating an app for the first time since there is a bottomless pit of possibilities. So When creating an app we should look at what is lacking in our surroundings and exploit that very thing to make the mobile app development successful, this can diminish the agitation for the new mobile app development creators. While looking at surroundings another key factor that helps the mobile app development creators is to carefully observe the competitors in the same app genre.

Before ending the year 2020, which paved a path for mobile app developers, we should delve into these amazing app ideas, mentioned below.
Virtual Interior Design 

Every new phone launched within a few years already has Augmented Reality (AR) technologies built in them. This gives a huge advantage to mobile app developers. This app allows you to place photos of the furniture you want to place in your house, giving you the mobility to try out different combinations of interior designs and choosing the best look for your house, all while you’re just relaxing on a couch. You can change wall colors, experiment with light, add and remove different curtains, furniture items, etc. This great mobile app idea can be best partnered with furniture shops or interiors design services.

Virtual Jewelry Try-On
This app is another way to use AR technology. The user can try on different jewelry fascinating them by uploading a picture of them on the mobile app and check if the piece of jewelry looks good on them or not. This can be partnered with many different jewelry stores.
Search Product by Photo
This app has a very high chance of gaining popularity very quickly, as many people have problems finding different sites and pages to buy stuff. You can scan the product of your liking with your phone camera or upload a picture of that product in the mobile app. By clicking the search option, the user will be provided with a list of all the sites you can purchase that product from. It’s a little perfect for a mobile app idea don’t you think?
Fitness Buddy
Due to covid 19, all the gyms were closed due to safety purposes. This mobile app found popularity real soon among the so-called fitness freaks. Even the people who are busy in their daily lives and don’t have time to go to the gym can find this app very helpful as they’ll have all a personal trainer at home. This mobile app asks for all of the personal information of the user e.g. Height, weight, your injuries if you have any. After collecting all the information of the user this mobile app then suggests a list of different befitting exercises for you. It further provides you with different diet plans keeping in view of your daily optimal requirement of all the nutrients. Basically, this app ensures and protects the user’s well-being. If this isn’t perfect then I don’t know what is.
Name That Flower
Everyone wants to send their loved ones some flowers on many different occasions. Usually, people are busy with work or very tired on their way back home to go and grab a bouquet from a flower shop. This app lets you choose any kind of flowers or any style of bouquet you want to send to any location, even if you’re not going to be there. You can take a picture of the plant and ask for the exact same thing or you can explain in the description. The mobile app will make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. You can also schedule sending the flowers every month on a specific date or any specific day weekly. This makes your loved ones feel really special.

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