How to Keep Yourself Healthy in This Difficult Time

How to Keep Yourself Healthy in This Difficult Time

For many years, health experts have been preaching about the importance of staying fit. But it is only now that people are finally listening because of the pandemic.

The situation today, however, requires a lot of adjustments. But if you want to stay healthy, you must be willing to adapt.

The following are some ways to keep healthy by Writer for my paper in this difficult time.

  1. Keep your hands clean

This first tip is something you expect to tell a kindergartener. And yet, people today have to be reminded that their forgetfulness to do this simple task is putting them at risk. Thorough hand-washing should become the norm for everyone. And if you are not able to wash your hands, frequent sanitizing of your hands should be done, especially when out in public.

  1. Get enough rest

Another bad habit that is hurting people’s health is not getting enough rest. Despite general knowledge that 7 to 8 hours of sleep should be our target sleeping time, many students and adults try to get by on much less. While there may be a few valid times for staying up late, most of the time, people stay up late because of a lack of discipline. The result is that their bodies are more prone to sickness and stress.

  1. Think positively

A sure way to become unhealthy is to entertain negative thoughts such as anger, sadness, and fear. While it is right to be concerned about the circumstances today, you must think of the positives. If not, the negativity will eat away at your inner peace, making you more prone to sickness. Stress can cause you to lose sleep, lose your appetite, and make you too lethargic to exercise.

During this time, many have rediscovered their faith, which has greatly strengthened their hope for a better future. Some seek encouragement and support from friends and family. Then some entertain themselves with funny movies and books to remind themselves that life is still fun.

  1. Stay active

A terrible thing to do right now is to find excuses not to stay active. An inactive body will lead to many health complications as well as negative thoughts about yourself. Although you might not be able to play the sports you used to play or go to the gym, there are many other ways to move your body. Doing household chores manually, whenever possible, can help keep you moving. You can also exercise at home.

  1. Eat right

A public quarantine doesn’t give you the right to binge-eat while you wait for the virus to disappear. Continue to watch your diet lest something else happens to you, which will require you to go to a hospital. Not watching what you eat will also affect your energy levels and your self-esteem, which will lead to more negativity.


Life during this pandemic is more challenging than before. But it doesn’t mean we should be lax about our health. Consider the steps above to help you stay healthy during this difficult time.

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