Tips for Cleaning Your Home in Less Than an Hour

Tips for Cleaning Your Home in Less Than an Hour

Cleaning your house can be tiring and time-consuming, especially when you lack the right cleaning equipment. Cleaning your house is also an essential aspect of life that determines how people view you and your house. As such, cleaning your home should be a wonderful experience. In this article, you shall gain valuable knowledge on how to clean your house in less than one hour.

Have a Cleaning Plan

A cleaning plan is the number one step to ensure that you clean your house in less than one hour. In this case, you will have to identify the areas that need cleaning.  Once you have identified the cleaning areas, you can set aside areas that may require a lot of your attention and start with them.

In most cases, you can begin with cleaning your dishes before proceeding to the floor. A good cleaning plan will ensure you do not spend your time on areas that are already clean and leave out the dirty areas.

Clean the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet should come third on your cleaning list. To clean your toilet, pour a few droplets of bowl detergent on the bowl and scrub it quickly while rinsing it with water. Within three minutes, you should be thorough and begin cleaning the bathroom.

To clean your bathroom, soak your rag in clean water and uses it to rinse your bathroom floor softly. Once you are through with the bathroom floor, do not forget to wipe the low clearance barn door hardware with a damp towel to remove any dust that might be on its surface. Straighten your sofa sets and pillows.

It would be best to make sure that your floor is clean and your sofa sets also look neat. You need to push your sofa to the corners and vacuum to make sure all dust and debris are off the carpet and rugs. Afterward, ensure that the couch pillows are in the right corners of the seat and others are not hanging down.  

Get the Right Cleaning Equipment

You need to make sure that your cleaning detergents are in place and ready to work. You should shop for the latest cleaning equipment for your home. Most people spend a lot of time looking for cleaning equipment rather than on the cleaning.

You can research the latest cleaning equipment that will suit your needs. Having the wrong equipment while cleaning your equipment is one of the things that could cause delays to arise as you clean.

Wipe the Kitchen Cabinets

Once you are through with the kitchen appliances, you should wipe off your kitchen cabinets and shelves. You can do this by using a damp towel, and it should take you about three minutes. Don’t forget to wipe off the kitchen tap and make it shine.

Start With the Dishes

You can never say that your house is clean while your dishes are on the dining table with leftovers. Quickly take the plates to the dishwasher, and within seconds, they shall be sparkling clean. Make sure you are also using a suitable detergent that will not damage your dishes. This should take you approximately ten minutes.

Move On to the Floor

To clean your floor with the least time possible, make sure you have an excellent mop and a bucket of water. Add a few droplets of cleaning detergent into the water, and then soak your rag and mop it into the water. Gently mop your floor. This should take you about fifteen minutes.

Arrange the Book Shelves

If the shelves of the books are not correctly arranged, you will need to work on that and make the books appear clean. Straighten the books out to give them a neat appearance. This should not take you more than two minutes.

Empty the Trash

It should be the next step since you have accumulated all the dust into your dustbin during your cleaning. It would be best to carry the trash to the designated trash collection point where the relevant authorities will come and pick it up for recycling.

The tips will help you clean your house in under an hour, and you can relax in this new environment you have created in your home. By following the steps above, you will notice spending less than an hour cleaning your house. In a busy world like this, saving a minute or two is a good thing to do.


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