Tips on Organic Cotton Hand Towels To Make Your Life Easier

Organic Cotton Hand Towels

Imagine yourself in the bathroom – you have just taken a shower and need a towel to dry yourself. In this situation looking around and finding a nice dry, crisp organic cotton hand towel on the towel rack is a feeling of great joy. The next thing you do is, use the towel and come out of the bathroom happily.

To put it simply there is a correlation between Organic Cotton Hand Towels and our mood and behavior. If in the above situation you had not found a towel, or found a wet one, you would have been upset.

So in other words, we can make our life a lot easier by following a few tips, namely:

Always Buy Organic Cotton Hand Towels

Towels made from organic cotton, especially of Turkish origin and GOTS certified are considered to be of the highest quality. Turkish cotton has extra-long fibers and is highly absorbent. Towels made from it have a luxurious feel and are the top choice for luxury hotels and spas.

Choose The Ideal GSM Of Your Towel

When buying organic hand towels, ensure that you choose towels that have an optimum GSM. Ideally speaking hand towels should be around 400gsm and bath towels should be higher than 500gsm. This will ensure that the towels are soft and absorbent and suited for the purpose for which they are made.

Buy Three (3) Sets Of Towels For Each Bathroom

As a basic rule of thumb, you should always make a provision for three sets of towels for each bathroom. The ideal rotation should be – one set on the towel rack, one in the linen closet and one in the laundry. If your family is larger, you can even consider buying four (4) sets of towels. This will ensure that you always have one set of towels as stand-by.

Replace Your Towels Regularly

While there is no hard and fast rule, experts suggest that you should change your towel when that fluffy feeling goes away and the towels lose their absorbency. Two years is an ideal benchmark.

Lesser Visits To The Doctor

As organic cotton is hypoallergenic and has numerous health benefits, you will find lesser reasons to visit the doctor. This will give you more time to spend with your family and work.

Less Worries Associated With Disposal Of Organic Hand Towels

This is true. As organic cotton hand towels are 100% bio-degradable, there is no issue related to how they are disposed of and this makes your life easy. They can be filled up in a landfill and so have many advantages over many synthetic materials that are non-bio-degradable. Some nature enthusiasts use old organic towels to make compost that can be used in their gardens.

Buy From Reliable Sources And Look For Certificate Of Authenticity

Best sources to buy organic cotton hand towels are either online or in brick and mortar stores. Important is to ensure that they are GOTS certified, environment-friendly and bio-degradable.

Wide Choice Of Colors And Designs

You don’t need to spend too much time and effort in choosing the towels. Organic hand towels come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs that make it easier for you to make a selection based on the décor of your home and your tastes and preferences.

Earn The Praise From Your Friends And Relatives

Recommend the use of organic cotton hand towels to your friends and relatives explaining to them the benefits associated with the use of organic cotton and share your experience with them. They will thank you and praise you for your efforts.


Make a beginning by using organic cotton hand towels and do away with towels made from other materials. You will surely experience a change in your lifestyle and will find that your life has become much easier and full of fun.

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