Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

Keep Pests Out of Your Home

If you are tired of pest infestation in your home, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss some tried and tested ways of preventing these pests from entering your home:

  •   Just like us, pests love food too, which is why they swarm in large numbers to our kitchen and other places of food storage. You should try and clean up food deposits once you are done eating. You might feel tired at the end of an elaborate party, and the thought of leaving everything as it is may seem very tempting. However, you should make it a point to clear all the mess to prevent the critters from joining the after-party. While kitchen counters look very clean, they tend to accumulate fats, sugar, and grease from the food we eat and prepare. You need to clean the kitchen counters multiple times a day.
  •     Weatherstripping in your house is a primary location for the pests to sneak in. These materials tend to wear out over time and serve as an entryway for the pests. You should get the damaged materials replaced or repaired whenever the need arises.
  •     You can dissuade pests from coming into your house by maintaining a distance of 12 inches between your house and the landscaping. Spiders and American roaches become rampant during the fall and winter months due to the wet and cold. This is why it becomes imperative to keep the outdoors clean to ensure that they don’t find their way inside your home.
  •       A clogged gutter often serves as a breeding ground for different types of pests. Clogs signify that the water is not flowing and can attract gnats, mosquitoes, and other bugs. Debris-filled gutters are also infamous for attracting small rodents and birds who try to build their nest with the debris. Thus, it becomes essential to check and clean the gutters regularly.
  •     The main door, windows, and vents serve as an entry point for mosquitoes. You can prevent these pests from entering the house by installing window nets. The door and window nets also help with ventilation while keeping the pests at bay. You should keep the nets down at all times and especially during the evening when the bugs are most likely to enter your home.
  •     One of the most effective tips for pest control is disposing of garbage every day. This can keep pests like rodents, cockroaches, and ants away from your house. The garbage bins in our kitchen offer a thriving environment for various pests. These bins are moist and have leftover foods which attract the pests.
  •   We often forget bathrooms when thinking of pest control. However, cleaning the bathroom daily can keep pests from entering your house. The bathroom should be cleaned every day or once in two days. You need to clean every area ranging from the wash area curtains to drainage pipes, washbasin, mirror, and cabinets to maintain the hygiene quotient.


While the above-mentioned tips can help prevent pests from entering your house, you can seek the help of professional pest control Schertz to eradicate these critters once and for all. 

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