Top 3 Tissot For Your Collection in 2021


You are here perhaps because you are taking an interest in Tissot’s line of luxury watch collections. And we are here to tell you that you have great taste in luxury watches if you have an eye for Tissot watches. If you are new to luxury watch collecting, you must be torn on how and where to begin. You can start by scrolling through the best-seller and top picks from satisfied customers. There is always a reason why they are the best in the collection, after all.

Consider what the best and most suited for you is. Luxury watches are not ordinary time-telling accessories. They are sold for a high price, but there is more to that. Each luxury watch is distinct in its unique ways, featuring individualism in its style, fashion, design, and even function. They are intricately crafted and manufactured by professional watchmaking experts with a long history of tradition and classics. Luxury watches are almost like heirlooms; that is how valuable they are. 

With the brand’s wide range of luxury timepieces coming in all shapes and forms, you will find the watch you are aiming for. Here, we will present to you a few of the many top Tissot watches.

Get to Know the Brand

Tissot SA is a Swiss luxury watchmaker company that was founded by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissotin. It took off in the Neuchâtel area of the Jura Mountains of Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853. In the later years since its inauguration, the brand was acquired by the Swatch Group, one of the largest watch producers in the world.

In around 1858, Charles-Emile Tissot traveled to Russia, bringing with the watch they launched, the Savonnette pocket watches. Its single movement and dual timezone attribute contributed to the huge success of the business in the country.

Through the years, Tissot has been ceaselessly producing outstanding timepieces that are made with special materials and high technological functions, all crafted to perfection upholding their slogan, Innovators by Tradition. Also, Tissot is the first company to make watches out of wood, stone, and plastic. They are not only loved for their stylish finish but also because they perform great even in extreme sports and activities. Their sports watches are primarily used on ice hockey and cycling. Today, Tissot is one of the best-selling luxury watch companies, with stores and services available in over 160 countries. 

  • T129.410.26.263.00 T-Classic Classic Dream 

The first top pick is the Classic Dream Quartz 25.6 mm watch. It is one of the brand’s iconic T-classic collections. What people love about this is its simplicity and complexity complemented well together to bring about an elegant and classy look. The round rose gold case is matched with a white dial and yellow hands. It is run with an 11 1/2”’ caliber movement and can go to about 50 m deep. This watch has an alligator leather strap that wraps beautifully on anyone’s wrist.

  • T118.430.16.051.00 Heritage 

The next one on the list is the Heritage collection’s Automatic Black Dial Watch. This watch can help pull off any look you are after, giving off a sleek, smooth design and color. The 25.6 mm steel case and transparent back complement the black dial and its silver touches. The dial has silver-tone hands and indexes, and it also has a day and date feature.

It has a caliber movement of 11 1/2”’ that runs to about 80 hours and is water-resistant to 30 m deep. The band and strap that completes the watch is the leather alligator strap that holds fine lines as details.

  • T121.420.47.051.04 Touch Collection 

Finally, the last but not least is the Quartz Black Dial timepiece of the Touch collection. This watch has been the talk of the town lately because of its titanium round 42 mm case. The all-black quartz watch is partnered with orange designs and details surrounding it. From the case to the dial and its hands and indexes, the colors blend remarkably and bring out the charms of the timepiece. You can choose the strap of your choice, whether it is leather or rubber. It has a powerful caliber movement of 18,5″ and a 100 m water resistance. 

In A Nutshell

Each timepiece introduced also gives a glimpse of what each Tissot collection features, which will lead you to find the best one for you. These are the top picks and most loved luxury watches at this moment. There are also a lot more choices to choose from if you visit their website. Surely with the various designs, functions, and styles, Tissot offers in their luxury watches, you do not have to look any further.

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