Facts about Bvlgari Watches You Didn’t Know About

Bvlgari Watches

In a way, one could say that Bvlgari is the very essence of extravagance and excellence. Most especially the Bvlgari Watches. Furthermore, any individual who at any point grasped a ring or a chain of Bvlgari, or perhaps even better, maybe even graced by wearing one, knows the wonders of Italian jewelry. A unique and glamorous magical wonder with lots of bling and grace that Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and currently stars as Naomi Watts appreciate.

Today, just as it was back then, that magical wonder is still the same.

The Bvlgari brand name is one of the most well-known names mostly for its jewelry and watches. But this brand is involved in a lot more, offering more than what you would already expect. So here are a few of the most surprising ventures and philanthropic initiatives of the luxury brand. Facts you didn’t know about until now.

The Bulgari Family

Bvlgari watches can be traced back to 1884. This makes it one of Italy’s oldest jewelry houses to date. Fun fact, the trademark “BVLGARI”, which we all know and very familiar with, is written in the classical Latin alphabet derived from the founder, Sotir Bvlgari.

Sotir was born in Greece and is the actual, very first store still standing in the village of Paramythia today. The Watches were introduced by them by the late 1970s and Bvlgari fragrances appeared on their shelves when the nineties rolled on by. This signaled a diversification from its core jewelry business. The company is also listed on Italy’s Borsa Italiana Stock Exchange.

The Bvlgari Family AND Wine

In 2011, Paolo and Giovanni Bvlgari sold their shares of Bvlgari to the luxury powerhouse Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE. They then decided to go for a new family venture: Wine Making.

To help distinguish their new venture from all the other greater Bvlgari dynasties, the two brothers then decided to name their wine after the family’s Tuscan estate in PoderNuovo where the wine is made. 

The wine bottle itself is inconspicuously stamped with “Bvlgari” and only the very familiar ones would recognize the wine’s name Sotirio, paying direct homage to the Bvlgari empire founder. The Bvlgari empire eventually debuted three wines in 2012 with bottles selling for $16-24 each.

Paolo Bvlgari joined the board of directors at Sarment in 2016, a fine wine wholesaler and importer.

Elements of Inspirations

When you own any Bvlgari jewelry product, you will be able to also enjoy specific design elements that display the particular shapes and ideas from the Roman and Greek periods and as well as the Italian Renaissance. 

These specific design elements are the very core of inspiration. Not only that, but Bvlgari also views Parisian and Art Deco styles as one of its muses. Bvlgari is also very well known for its use of colored stones as well as a whole slew of rare gems that complement the emblematic elements the brand has made its name with. 

Intricately interlocking steel and large golden links are just some of the hallmarks of the Bvlgari jewelry lines. 

One of the most recognizable designs of Bvlgari is their B. zero1 range. Some examples of these include models with a diamond-studded white gold band and a resplendent 4-band yellow gold piece.

Bvlgari Sponsored the Restoration of the Landmark Spanish Steps

The famous Spanish Steps are one of the world’s most famous and heavily trafficked tourist destinations in Rome even in our modern time. This 135-step staircase, built between 1723 and 1726, connects the Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti. 

The bad part is that because of its immense popularity, these famous Spanish Steps cracked eventually and crumbled at the bottom.

Then in 2015, that’s when Bvlgari donated $1.7 million to restore the aging attraction steps which had not been properly maintained since 1995. This whole process took ten months and 80 craftspeople to eventually clean and repair all of the 32,300 square feet of stone structure.

There’s a Bvlgari hotel

Back in 2001, Bvlgari once again branched into new ventures. This time in the realm of the hospitality business. They opened an international chain of luxury hotels. With the help of their partnership with Marriott International, Bvlgari opened hotels in Milan, London, Bali, and as well as Moscow and now plans to break ground in Shanghai, Beijing, and Dubai.

All of their world-class hotels predictably exceeded the expectations of even a five-star hotel. 

One fine example is the exclusive Bvlgari resorts’ décor conjure. A timeless example of elegance with heavy nods to the brand’s iconic jewelry designs. These lavish hotels are also outfitted with soothing spas, screening rooms, grand suites, and even Michelin-rated restaurants.

Bvlgari’s Philanthropic Side

Back in 2009, Bvlgari began its partnership with Save the Children. This is a non-government organization that supports children’s rights, helps in and provides disaster aids, and advocates for educational advancement for children in poverty. Because of their efforts and donations, Bvlgari was able to raise over $27 million for the fund and, as a result, helped improve the lives of over 600,000 children all around the world.

Another example of their philanthropic efforts is the #RaiseYourHand campaign which features a line of jewelry products that helped raise 50 million dollars for child education and other related causes. 

In the end, the Fact is that Bvlgari Undeniably has a very Colorful Past

These are just a few of the most unknown facts about the brand that has, based in history, produced most of the most sought-after luxury watches in the world. Bvlgari truly is one of Italy’s most storied names. One of the best brands on the planet. If their products themselves aren’t enough to persuade you into purchasing, these fascinating details of their past achievements and more surely will.

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