Is Talkspace Covered By Insurance?

Is Talkspace Covered By Insurance

Accepting the fact that therapies are costly, especially when it comes to individual therapies. But this is why we buy health or medical insurance right from the beginning, right? As soon as we think about therapies, questions like how much will it cost, how do I pay regularly till recovery or will online therapies be cheaper than others?

Well, as Talkspace is a strong and reliable platform to provide online therapies, many of us get the thought if Talkspace is also covered by insurance providers.

Luckily, Talkspace has got you covered. As Talkspace is a global leader in mental health service providers, it covers about 40 million Americans with their eligible insurance plans. Insurance companies like Cigna, Optum, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana are all covering services provided by Talkspace. This coverage is provided via employers as well as large educational institutions.

Talkspace Costs

Talkspace prices sraer from $48 to $99 per week. If you wish to go for a video session then you can add $65 for the same. This payment could be done through credit card or Paypal and you can go for sessions types like video call, chat or voice messaging. 

And yes, there are more than 2000 licensed therapists available with hands-on experience for your help. 

Why Must One Connect With Talkspace?

As we know that the world is facing a pandemic and its effects not only on our physical health but also mental health with rising stress, depression and loneliness. However, a recent survey showed that about 60% of Americans believe that their insurance covers personal mental health services whereas 20% think that insurance would cover online therapies. 

This is why it’s certainly important to spread the word that Talkspace and its services are covered by insurance in order to save your pocket and mental health at the same time. 

How To Find If Your Insurance Is Covering Services By Talkspace?

Many people are concerned if their insurance company actually covers Talkspace or not. Or whatever insurance they possess, does it cover Talkspace mental health services? Well, here are some tips to find out:

On Talkspace Website:

Open Talkspace website and log into your account at Here, find your username on the top left corner of the screen. Under Account, click on ‘Check My Coverage’.

On Talkspace iOS App:

Log into the application and locate the wheel icon on the top right corner. Here, go to the Settings page and scroll down to Eligibility and Coverage. Now click on ‘Check My Coverage’ to find if your insurance covers Talkspace services.

The other ways to find out is Talkspace is covered by insurance are:

Log in to the online account of your particular insurance and find out the services that are already covered through them.

  • Give a call to your insurance provider and have a detailed conversation about therapies here.
  • If you are using therapy services through the Employee Assistance Program, you can ask your HR department to provide you complete service details.
  • If you are going for independent therapists other than Talkspace, ask the therapist or healthcare provider if they can cover their charges under your insurance network.

Things to Check Before You Buy Insurance Coverage

If you haven’t bought an insurance coverage and have concerns regarding it, here are some questions you can confirm with your insurance provider:

  • What are some of the specific mental health services which are covered and not covered under the insurance plan?
  • What if I already possess a pre-existing mental health condition, will the condition and recovery process be covered in the therapy?
  • Which therapists or therapy services do take mental health related insurance?
  • Does the insurance cover I am planning to buy cover Talkspace services?
  • What is the cost of talk therapy?
  • Shall I get a referral from my primary care doctor under a particular health insurance plan?
  • Will the medications prescribed by my doctor be covered under the insurance plan?
  • Is it possible to align my medical insurance plan with other options which are not yet covered like mental health, auto insurance, etc. to receive a discount?

Are There Some Other Affordable Therapy Options?

Online Therapists: There are a number of free online therapists and volunteer services which saves your pocket from getting bitten and even takes care of your health. You can even look for Regain, Pride and 7cups for affordable and free options.

Sliding scale therapy: If your medical insurance doesn’t cover Talkspace then you can ask your therapist about sliding scale payment options. This particular method allows you to pay only the amount which is charged on the basis of your income level. 

Don’t Hesitate In Asking For Discounts: No one gets hurt if you ask your therapist about the discount or if they have any other offer to avail. Although not many therapists offer discounts, it is not an uncommon practice. Talk to them about it and you may find the best options.

Local Support Groups: Look out for local support groups which are strategized according to specific needs. It could be for addiction, chronic illness or depression and you can meet people with similar problems to have a discussion with them.

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We hope that you have found out your answer if Talkspace is covered by insurance or not. Thankfully, it does cover services under medical insurance. Moreover, you can also find affordable therapy options above and stay safe and healthy all over.

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