3 Trendy Outfits for Guys You Need to Try On

Trendy Outfits for Guys

Guys have always had a tough relationship with fashion. Traditionally masculine roles say that about their fashion, and many men face mockery by their peers for caring about their looks.

However, in 2021, it’s time we realize that outfits for guys can be just as cool and trendy as outfits for women. In fact, in 2021, there are more options for men’s outfits than ever.

If you’re looking for what to wear, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through some of the best outfits to wear.

  1. (Re)Birth of the Cool 

The first item on our list is certainly a more high-end but still trendy men’s outfit. This one focuses on mixing retro styles from the jazz age up to the second half of the twentieth century, all while tying them into the convenience and quickness of the internet age.

Pair and-school blazer with contemporary form-fitting jeans, old-school class shoes (or boots), a single color t-shirt, and a stylish belt. This will create a contrast of styles that doesn’t pull you particularly toward one direction. The contrast of styles, rather than overwhelming, will be soothing, and reclaim the old-school notion of “cool”.

  1. Hypermodern 

In the 21st century, fashion isn’t just modern, it’s hypermodern. The influence of music stars/fashion icons such as Tyler the Creator and Billie Eilish have bridged the gap between fashion and art. This is why typical streetwear is more in-your-face than ever.

Different brands specialize in this style, and Supreme is one of them. Check out some of the best fashion websites out there to find the best options. You have many options in many different colors, such as nylon sweatpants, t-shirts, overalls,  and sweatshirts.

  1. Casual Casual Casual 

Not every outfit can jump out in your-face style. Sometimes, you have to hang back, sit out, and let the fashion roll by. The best way to do this is to develop come casual options.

However, dressing casually doesn’t mean you get to slack. Coordinate your brain to pick out characteristically casual clothes even when you don’t have the time to think about it.

Dressing casual is all about comfort:

How stylish are your most comfortable jeans? Do you have a comfortable pair of chinos?  Do you have a comfortable short-sleeve button-down you can put on in the summer?

Combine all of these elements together for a look that’s fresh without even trying. The effortless aspect will make it look even better.

The World Needs to Focus On Outfits For Guys 

While women have plenty of options for outfits out there, many people don’t think about outfits for guys. Emphasizing fashion for men is an important part in dissembling and gender roles.

Keep in mind these tips for retro, modern, and casual styles, and your far more likely to rock the outfit of your dreams.

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