Types Corporate Gift Cards and Their Benefits

Corporate Gift Cards

As a company, it is necessary to keep their employees happy and comfortable. Many organisations provide various facilities to their employees. Australian companies are always up ahead of other companies in employee satisfaction. To make employees more comfortable in their working environment, companies can use corporate gift cards like visa gift cards. These gift cards are prepaid and can be used for various purposes. Companies can choose from different types of gift cards and can give them to the employees for specific purposes. These gift cards can encourage the employee to do their part honestly. Also, these gift cards can reduce the burden of the employee from carrying cash for various purposes. These gift cards can be used multiple times, and it is convenient for both the employee and the organisation. The increasing number of employees in Australian companies makes it necessary to choose gift cards as a feasible encouragement option.

The most common gift corporate card types are,

Visa Gift Card

Visa cards are one of the most used card types, and it is accepted everywhere. This acceptance makes it easy for both employees and the organization to make use of it. The money uploaded to the card is not limited to any purpose, and the user can choose what to do with it. These cards can be customised as per the company’s needs. The cards can either be used one time or can be used multiple times. This feature allows the organisation to have great flexibility. Since the card is prepaid, the company can decide on the value each card can have. It enables companies to give the same card to all employees regardless of their position while having a different amount.

Mastercard Gift Card

It is more like a visa gift card and can be used for various purposes. It is easy for the company to avail of MasterCard due to the simple procedures. These cards can be used for different purposes like sales incentives, employees benefits, corporate gifts, etc. MasterCard is one of the widely accepted cards in the world. Thus, even if the person is not from Australia, he can use it anywhere else in the world. Also, the gift cards can be used one time or rechargeable. As a Visa card, the MasterCard is also customisable. The balance of the card can be managed and checked with the help of smart devices.

EFTPOS Gift Card

It is more of a personalised gift card. Each card has a 1000$ limit, and it is a perfect way of saying thank you to a client or employee. The card can be used to buy any item from any store in Australia with EFTPOS facilities. These cards have a 12 month expiry period. It is also an easy way of branding and customisation. The card supplier provides cards with brand emblems or other designs on request, and hence it is suitable for corporate functions.

Petty Cash Card

The petty cash card is an entirely customisable gift card suitable for corporate use, and it allows complete electronic transactions through all payment methods. It enables the organisation to give its employees and other benefactors easily.

Christmas Gift Cards

Christmas is a significant time of getting gifts to all. It is the same for every organisation. Presenting their employees with gifts is a tradition, and it is the same in Australia. But companies usually buy similar gifts for every employee. These gifts are not like every employee, and they can lead to less satisfaction. The Christmas gift cards are the best option in this case. These cards allow the employee to purchase whatever gifts they want with the money provided in the gift cards.

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