5 Unique Roof Decorations and Add-ons for Your Home

Roof Decorations

If you want to improve your curb appeal or add charm to your home during the holidays, decorating your roof is a great choice.

There are several roof decorations available, so how do you know which one is right for you?

Read on for a list of five unique options to consider, so you can decorate your home and your roof in style.

Roof Lanterns

If you love the idea of having a skylight but want to try something more unique, roof lanterns are an excellent choice. These beautiful roof add-ons bring more natural light into your home and give the exterior a beautiful architectural feature.

Look for sunlights and roof lanterns from trusted brands like Korniche, which you can find at Glazing Store. These beautiful products are made with a durable aluminum frame and your choice of glass color for a stunning effect.

These roof decorations can add depth and height to homes with flat roofs, and they’re also an excellent choice for loft conversions and a variety of other home remodeling projects. Choose a roof lantern in a beautiful finish that will complement the exterior of your home.

When you install a roof lantern, it can also help you save on energy costs thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight it lets into the home. They’re beautiful to look at, unique, and a wonderful way to add decoration to any roof.

Roof Decorations: Weathervanes

Weathervanes add a beautiful component to your roof and come in a wide variety of designs, finishes, and sizes. These beautiful instruments have been used since ancient times to gauge the direction of the wind and which way it’s blowing.

Once only found on top of barns or churches, many homes now use weathervanes to give the roof and house a decorative touch. Make sure that the weathervane you choose is made for outdoor use and that it’s constructed of durable materials.

When attaching a weathervane to your roof, be sure that it’s done so correctly and that it doesn’t damage the roof itself. From birds and rabbits to whales, this roof add-on is an awesome way to give your home some personality and a unique style.

Widow’s Watch or Walk

A widow’s watch or walk is a beautiful add-on commonly found in coastal areas of America and Europe. This beautiful roof add-on is a platform surrounded by a rail that allows you to walk outside and view the world below.

If your home doesn’t already include a widow’s watch, be sure to contact an experienced contractor before taking on this project. Many older homes have a widow’s walk installed around the chimney, while others stand on their own.

To access a widow’s watch, you normally use either a narrow staircase or a built-in ladder. Once you reach the top, you can exit through a small door or window and enjoy the view.

Not only does a widow’s watch add a fun feature to your home, but it can also add height and texture to the roofline and exterior. Make sure that you choose an experienced professional to help you with this type of roof addition.

Unique Roofing Materials

Another way to spice up your roof is through the use of beautiful and unique roofing materials. Copper is a beautiful way to give your home a sleek and brilliant shine. Metal roofs also protect your home against heavy snow loads.

If you decide to install a metal roof, make sure that it’s in a color that will absorb sunlight if you live in a cold climate and one that will reflect it if you live in a warm climate. You should also be aware that metals like copper will develop a patina over time.

Another gorgeous option for your roofing materials is Spanish tile. This curved tile is made of clay and installed in layers to create a beautiful look.

If you prefer a rustic aesthetic, consider having wood shaker tiles installed instead of traditional asphalt shingles. The sky is the limit, but just be sure you’re choosing a material that will keep your home properly insulated depending on your location.

Finials and Spires

If you want to add visual interest to your roof but don’t want a weathervane, finials or spires are great alternatives. These slender roof decorations will add a bold touch to your home without being too overwhelming.

Most roof finials and spires are made of hollow metal, which is usually composed of copper, steel, or iron. They come in a wide variety of finishes and shapes to give your roof a distinctive touch.

Some companies even offer the chance to customize your roof finial for a personalized touch. You can also choose classic spires that come in slender and spiky designs.

Once found on the top of churches and castles, homeowners also add spires to their roofs. They’re a simple and elegant way to give your home and roof a bold, dramatic touch. A copper spire brings a brilliant shine to your roof, while finials and spires made of steel ensure years of durable enjoyment.

Elevate Your Roof with New Designs

From a roof lantern and widow’s watch to weathervanes, consider these roof decorations to add personality to your home. Always make sure you contact a qualified contractor if you’re making any changes to your home’s structure or installing new roofing materials.

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