PDFBear: The Most Effective Watermarking Tool for Preventing Data Loss

Watermarking Tool

Collaboration technologies have given businesses a lifeline by enabling employees to work from home during a pandemic. The said tools facilitate idea sharing, document collaboration, and communication possible from anywhere you are. However, the same convenience also leads to data misuse or manipulation due to negligence or malicious intent.

Moreover, several security tools are available to help protect files, but there are options to circumvent those systems. Watermarks are an excellent way to augment your information security practices, offering a visual preventative measure to deter data loss. To protect and improve the security of your PDFs, below are some vital things you can do with PDFBear.

Watermarks in PDF Documents: How Effective Are They?

The most primary reason for using a watermark in PDFs is to safeguard sensitive data. The use of a watermark in the document alerts the reader to the possibility that the file contains confidential details. In this way, watermarking prevents recipients from making any changes to the copy and providing assurance that personal data can be protected in the digital world.

Watermarks may also be used to secure intellectual property, making it impossible for anyone to copy the work contained in a PDF. With that, one of the simplest ways to avoid unauthorized copying of files is to use a tool to add watermark to PDF free. Watermarks are great in indicating who owns the PDF files, making it easy to brand the company’s documents.

4 Steps to Using PDFBear to Digitally Watermark Your PDF Files

Watermarks for PDF documents can be generated using various websites, with PDFBear being one of the best. It’s an online PDF tool that lets you customize PDFs in a variety of ways. With PDFBear, you have complete control over the typography and clarity of your watermark. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of font options, including color, size, design, and font.

PDFBear also does not necessitate any advanced technological experience. You can easily search the features to find what you require and then transform your files to the desired format. What’s incredible about this is that you won’t need any extra software or plug-ins because you’ll be able to do it all from your platform’s web browser.

  1. As soon as you enter the platform, the first thing you should do is grab the PDF file from your device. To make things even easier, simply drag and drop your PDF copies into the conversion box, which is easily accessible on the website.
  2. As previously stated, the system enables you to use an image or word to set as your watermark. You can either choose a picture or type the text for your watermark in the second step. After that, position your watermark to a specific location that is visible to the readers. After that, tap the “Add Watermark” button located at the drop-down menu,
  3. The third step will demonstrate the platform’s versatility. PDFBear will place the watermark on all of the pages of your PDF document. All that remains is for you to wait for the procedure to be completed. Just a reminder that the process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of your file.
  4. After waiting, your watermarked PDF copy is now ready for download. PDFBear will provide you with a plethora of options on how to save your watermarked PDF properly. You can save the file to your computer, e-mail it to colleagues who require a copy, and even share it on social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Watermarking Ensures Ownership

One of the most persistent issues in the digital world is content theft. Because of the ease of file-sharing on the internet, most electronic file users have experienced unauthorized access and use regularly. Therefore, including a transparent watermark in your electronic files allows those who access them to determine who owns the content.

PDFBear’s Topnotch Security

When you use PDFBear’s platform, you can be confident that your files are secure. When you finish using their platform system, a countdown begins, and your documents are removed or discarded from their system an hour later. Only a few websites have this additional level of protection to ensure that users are comfortable uploading sensitive information.


Online documents could help us be more productive in our daily lives. Unfortunately, it can lead to us stumbling and lowering our productivity mood when we run into difficulties. On the other hand, understanding how to address them first may be an essential preventative measure to keep us active daily.

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