10 Simple Ways To Beat Your Procrastination Effectively


Is your to-do list just getting longer?

Is your desk piled up with unfinished work?

You feel like getting up from the couch and start working on your tasks?

If yes, then procrastination might have become a friend of yours! But, honestly, it is not a healthy friendship so we would recommend you break it up and build a healthy relationship with yourself. Time to break with procrastination.

Well, you don’t have to get big guns out straight away! We would advise you to start with little things and taking baby steps. So we are suggesting you 10+ simple ways that will hijack your habit of procrastination and will replace it with healthy habits. Let the journey begin!

10+ Simple Ways to Deal With Procrastination

1. Ring up A Friend

One of the major roadblocks in fighting procrastination is that we don’t have someone to push us to get up from the couch and get going! That’s the first thing that you can do: ring up a friend and ask them to join you for a project or a task. Example: If you are planning to declutter your room ask your friend to give you a company. Not only you will be able to get great ideas your way but also get yourself moving. C’mon pick your phone and call your motivation buddy now!

2. Use the 10 minute Formula

The length of time to spend on a task can also daunt you to work on it in the first place! But you can deal with it by applying the 10-minute formula. All you have to do is take out your to-do list, pick the first task, spend 10 minutes on it, and see where it goes. By giving ten minutes on a task you will be able to get easy with it and won’t be worrying much about the volume of time and the amount of task.

3. Chunk The Task

This has to be my favorite method of dealing with procrastination. Chunking is a way to simplify your task by breaking it down into smaller units. Think of a task that you have to complete (or write it that will be even better). Now don’t think of it as a big whole task, rather divide it into its parts. Now treat each part of your big task as an individual chunk. Now take baby steps to complete this task.

4. Don’t Stop Creating

Procrastination is like a circle. It starts when you stop creating something and eventually things start piling up. Therefore, it becomes important to break it. You can break it by simply creating something, anything. You can start by making your bed, cooking a dish, or simply spend 10 minutes on one task. Additionally, by doing these simple tasks you can keep your procrastination in check too.

5. Cut Off Perfectionism

Sometimes the fear of perfectionism holds us back to perform a task. Perfectionism is a mirage you can spend all your time running after it but it just won’t be there. So, instead of putting a task on hold because you don’t know a way to make it work, just start working on it. You will see the creative juices flowing and the task being completed.

6. Set Reminders

When your phone beeps do you ever let it unnoticed? In very rare cases right! So, put your phone to the right use by setting reminders in it. If you want to work till 2:00pm that’s okay. But then set a reminder for 2:01pm and start working on the task as soon as it beeps. To get a better push with these reminders set it up with a motivational quote.

7. Pen Down Your List

Did you know half of your worries can melt by simply writing it all down? So, go grab a pen and paper and start writing the tasks (your source of worry). This way all the plethora of tasks that are scaring you in your mind will be down on a paper right in front of you. This will make it a little less imposing for you.

8. Create A Playlist

Music is the best company! Ever wondered why? Well, it is found to increase your productivity. The right kind of music can trigger brain waves and increase your productivity. So, when your reminder beeps, pick a chunk of your task, play your music, and get going!

9. Don’t Plan

Isn’t planning important to beat procrastination? Well, that’s not true! In fact, planning loads you with the fear of completing the list of tasks. Just go with the flow and don’t think of tasks you have to complete, rather work on one task at a time.

10. Bribe Yourself

Bribe? Yes! Bribing always seems to work. Don’t get us wrong! By bribing we mean reward yourself. When you don’t get enough motivation to work on a task, set a reward for yourself. Craving for a burger, a new dress, or your favorite star’s movie is coming out? But wait! Don’t just reward yourself without putting effort. In fact, think of your reward as your end goal. And when the task is done just go for it.

Drink Water (Hydrate… Hydrate… Hydrate)

Wondering what is water doing in the list of ways to deal with procrastination? Well, it might surprise you but water is the most powerful drink. It has a positive effect on your health and productivity (as supported by studies). And getting up, getting yourself a glass of water, is a way of getting out of the procrastination cycle (Please don’t ask someone to get it for you).

Bonus Insight!

Now that you have read so far here is a bonus tactic for you to deal with procrastination.

This is known as attention focus loop meditation! This meditation is found to build your brain muscles which in turn will beat procrastination. You can learn more about it here.

Remember it is little tweaks that you make each day which will help you deal with procrastination.

Don’t forget to share your success story with us in the comment section.

Bye-Bye Procrastination.

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