What is the Scope of Artificial Intelligence in 2021?

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been making human lives easier for quite some time now. From automated movie recommendations on Netflix to Alexa making your shopping lists, AI has transformed our lives in many ways.

Relevant AI or Data Science programmes like BSc Artificial Intelligence can help you target different career paths in the technological world and enhance your career prospects.

Here are some interesting career paths available to data science graduates.

  1. IT development and full stack careers

AI and full stack development careers are currently one of the highest-paying and in-demand in the technological space in 2021.

Full-stack developers provide technical support to the website or mobile application department in IT industries. As the entire world is moving into a digital age, businesses are setting operations online and good quality websites and applications have become a primary area of focus.

You can choose your BSc degree specialisation in AI or Data scienceto become a full-stack developer.

  1. Data science domain careers

Data has become the most in-demand resource for most industries and companies today. Businesses areincreasingly relying on inputs generated from business data to growandimprove their operations. Therefore, there is an immense demand for technologists who are able to work with data in different capacities, including data architects and administrators.

Hence, seeking out a career path in data science and machine learning can be a good head start in the technological space.Indeed.com data show that the demand for AI professionals in India has increased by 29% since the last two years

You can start a data science and AI career with a bachelor’s degree in data informatics, computer science or information technology.

  1. Healthcare domain careers

With AI developments in the field of robotics, automated and robotic surgeries are becoming more commonplace, making them safer. Bernardmarr.com has published many studies that prove that AI-assisted surgeries are 5 times safer than manual surgeries.

A degree in data science or AI can help you target fascinating career options in this domain.

Blockchain and Artificial intelligence

AI now has have potential applications in almost every domain. Blockchain is also likely to power the fin-tech industry soon. In that sense, Artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain have been some of the most disruptive technologies in this decade.

An official EU survey predicted a growth of €108.2 billion in the global blockchain industry by 2024. Banking organisations are also searching for qualified and capable blockchain experts who can help them capitalise on the boom in the Blockchain, supply chain management and cryptocurrency industry.

There are countless other AI career applications such as self-driven cars that can enhance human lives in the future. Invest in a good artificial intelligence or data science degree that can let you contribute to these significant technological developments.

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