What Is Unified Communication?

Unified Communication

Employees must have access to the correct technology and tools, particularly when it comes to communications. Using unified communications, you may give your team more freedom in how they share ideas and work together. Using this kind of communication may have a beneficial influence on your employees’ productivity. Investing in a platform is a wise move. What’s the reason?

What Exactly Is Unified Communication?

Consolidating phone, video and screen-sharing into a single platform is known as “unified communication.” It’s a one-stop shop for all kinds of communication. Anybody with an internet connection can access it since it is hosted in the cloud.

What’s in It for You?

You can reap the advantages of this kind of communication every day, making it more straightforward and more seamless for your staff to engage with customers, partners, or other stakeholders in the organisation. Here are a few reasons which explain it may be a better option for your business:

Enhance Productivity and Efficacy

Every company aspires to streamline processes and eliminate snags. Doing so significantly boosts productivity and efficiency. An improved work environment is made possible with this kind of communication. Everyday duties will be more efficient thanks to them:

  • Accessing a phone wherever you are
  • You are collaboratively working on a project by quickly exchanging files with your coworkers instead of going via a long email chain.
  • Voicemail and faxes may now be received straight in your email.
  • When urgent situations arise that need rapid resolution, video meetings may be started with a single click.

With this technology, your employees will get more done in a day and ease some of the communication issues you may now be experiencing. ‘ What used to take days of back-and-forth may now be handled much more quickly when staff communicate effectively using technology.

Streamline Your Communications Efforts

If you’re still utilising old phones or hosting any communications tools on-site, you’re likely wasting a significant amount of money on your IT infrastructure. For everything to operate, you need an internet connection when using a unified communications platform. One of the features included in the new phone system is that it will be Voice over IP (VoIP).

You may save money in several ways by switching. There will be no need for any hardware or server infrastructure to be built or maintained, for starters. If you ever need to add a new user, you may do it yourself from your dashboard without contacting for assistance. Third, you’ll be able to plan your finances better since your monthly costs will be predictable.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The capacity to better serve your clients and enhance their overall experience is essential to the long-term viability of any business. Your present communications tools may be harming your customer service efforts. Employees can reply to clients no matter where they are because of it. Incoming phone calls, chats, and emails will be visible on any device.

The CRM (customer relationship management) software may also be integrated with a platform. Client service representatives may access all the notes and crucial information related to each customer that reaches out to your company. It leads to speedier responses and demonstrates to your clients that you are aware of their preferences.

Enable an Off-Peripheral Workforce

Working from home has become a popular option for both employers and individuals in the 21st century. It is possible to hunt for talent outside of your metropolitan region by employing remote workers. You may be unsure of how to guarantee that remote employees have the proper tools, nevertheless.

Your remote workers are empowered with unified communications, which combines all of their communication channels into one platform. To be a productive member of your team, a remote employee merely needs an internet connection to connect to your network.

Your Scale, Your Way

Additionally, they allow you to build your organisation without having to worry about scalability. Traditional telephony doesn’t allow for this, and it’s time-consuming and challenging to implement. It will be simple to add new users and features to your account since all communication tools will be merged into a single interface.

Communication and collaboration will be transformed through this kind of communication. It’s a low-risk strategy with a high return on investment.

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