Why Customized Numerology Gifts Are Popular?

Customized Numerology Gifts

For the unfamiliar, numerology can seem like a mysterious, overwhelming concept. After all, math is stressful enough already! In studying the “spiritual meaning of numbers,” numerologists aim to understand more about a person‘s purpose and personality. More practically, you can use this information to choose the perfect present, whether that’s baby gifts or something special for a friend.

What is numerology?

The basics of numerology focus on two pieces in particular: Your life path number and destiny number. Your soul purpose number, too, is quite significant, considering the sum of your life path and destiny numbers to gain even more insight into who you are. Each term alone is pretty indicative of its meaning, but it’s worth diving into them further.

Your life path number is the foremost number in a person’s numerology chart, much like your sun sign in astrology. In a numerological sense, this number represents the journey making up your life: Past, present, and future, breaking your birth date down to a single digit (one through nine) or master number (such as 11 or 22).

Rather than considering your date of birth, your destiny number utilizes another feature you find at birth: Your name. There are three main systems commonly used, based on Pythagoras’ work, mystical Jewish translation, and ancient Babylonian traditions, respectively. Your unique “lucky number,” your destiny number guides you through life.

Finally, your soul number adds your destiny and life path number to understand just that–your destiny. This number considers what traits are within you. Knowing this, you can make the most of them and customize your life.

Why use numerology to choose the perfect gift?

Your personal numbers offer insight into your own life, but they’re just as helpful when it comes to other people. Rather than just browsing the best sellers to pick out baby girl gifts—or, for that matter, any other present—you can customize a unique gift by considering their numerology and how it affects their personality.

With numerology, your gift will be uniquely matched to who the person is on the deepest level, in tune with the vibrations of the universe. Even with a newborn, you can find the perfect gift because numerology sets in from birth. The final single-digit or master number you come to in calculating the recipient’s numerological qualities gives a glimpse of their personality based only on their birth details. Better yet, you’ll avoid the monotony of scrolling through pages of best sellers—and you won’t show up with the same baby blanket or pack of diapers as everyone else at the baby shower.

If this baby girl has a life path number of one, for example, they’re naturally independent. The best baby gifts for these little ones will play to those strengths, such as a shape sorter encouraging them to learn. Your baby gift options for one with life path two, though, will focus on that baby boy’s sensitive side. A customized canvas print, baby blanket, baby book, or another keepsake will be more than just the right gift at this moment—it will be something they can cherish for a lifetime.

When choosing a baby gift or birthday present, there are a lot of ways to find a custom, personal, perfect gift. By using numerology to make that choice, though, you’ll have a subtle tool to better understand your recipient. With just the baby’s name or your friend’s birth date, you can determine the core numbers that, according to numerology, make that person who they are and who they will be. The best gifts are personal, and you’d struggle to be more personal than a gift based on numerology.

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