4 Little-Known Facts About Synthetic Opal

5 Little-Known Facts About Synthetic Opal

It’s the birthstone of anyone born in October, but people born during any month of the year have loved opal jewelry for centuries. Reflecting many brilliant colors, opals captured the imagination of early civilizations – many of whom ascribed healing and other supernatural powers to this gemstone.

If you shop for opal jewelry, you may be surprised at the price of natural opal. Black opal can cost up to $10,000 per carat. However, synthetic opal is a fraction of the price and easier to shape for custom jewelry designs. If you’re wondering about the benefits of synthetic vs. real opal, this article will answer your questions.

What Is Synthetic Opal?

Synthetic opal is a beautiful gemstone created in a laboratory. How is synthetic opal made? It’s a three-step process that takes more than a year!

First, scientists create miniature spheres of silica. Next, they arrange these silica spheres into a pattern that closely matches the structure of real opal. Then they fill in the gaps and spaces around the spheres with silica gel so it can harden.

Synthetic opal has a similar iridescent appearance as natural opal with the same “fire” of color reflected in the light.

What Is the Value of Synthetic vs. Real Opal?

The price of synthetic opal is much lower than real opal, but the value can be measured outside of simple dollars and cents. If you love the look of opal jewelry, but the cost of real opal is outside your budget, synthetic opal is a great alternative. Custom jewelry is also easier to make with synthetic opal because it is significantly harder and less apt to break during shaping.

What Kind of Jewelry Is Available With Opal?

Whether you choose natural opal vs. synthetic, you’ll find a wide range of jewelry options that feature this beautiful gemstone. Necklaces, earrings, and rings are all gorgeous settings for opal. You can find a wide range of stunning synthetic opal for sale online at https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/collections/lab-opal-rings.

Is Synthetic Opal the Same as Imitation Opal?

No. Imitation opal is made from plastic or glass. It doesn’t possess opal properties, such as the fiery display of color in the light.

Synthetic opal is not a naturally occurring gemstone, but it is a lab-quality gem that looks and feels like a natural opal. It is available in many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Buy and Wear With Confidence

Synthetic opal is a beautiful and affordable alternative to natural opal jewelry. It costs hundreds to thousands of dollars less than natural opal. Scientists in a lab create it to resemble natural gemstones.

Synthetic opal is often more durable, scratch-resistant, and less brittle than natural opal. This makes it a better choice for shaping and use in custom jewelry designs. Most people will never see the difference between natural and synthetic opal jewelry – the quality of modern synthetics is outstanding.

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