7 Best Digital Camera Blogs and Photography News Blogs

Camera and photography blogs are rich in information about upcoming products and technologies. These blogs majorly deal with camera info and photography tips. Some of the blogs also talk about new firmware releases for existing cameras.

These websites are ideal for novice as well as experienced camera persons. The information can help anyone do better in the field of images. Be it an update on the upcoming camera or some photography tips, camera blogs help you to understand the basics of camera functioning.

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Moving on, here are the top seven camera blogs ranked in the basis of the algorithm.


According to the search engine algorithm, PetaPixel ranks one and has some good photography news. If you love to know everything in detail, this website serves the purpose. From the history of photography to its aspects, PetaPixel has information about everything.

You will find pictures of historical camera equipment and information on museum exhibits associated with the photography field. Plus, if you are a novice and want to learn some professional photography tips and tricks, PetaPixel is best.

This website is well-designed and has an active comment section. They update large attractive images and also have functionalities of Twitter and Facebook communities.


Fstoppers is a blog that strives to motivate young budding photographers around the globe. They are best known for their series on ‘technical skills’ and ‘how to’ for novices.

This blog has great taste in content publishing. They update content as per the visitors’ requirements. If you want to know about upcoming camera trends and how to nail it, Fstopper is just for you.

Digital Photography Review

This blog is all about the latest digital camera news, which makes it different from the rest. It also keeps loyal visitors updated with manufacturers’ press releases, specifications, and latest camera models.

So if you are an avid follower of camera news, try DP Reviews. They have segmented and targeted the audience who need knowledge on the latest camera updates. This site also has an active Twitter handle that helps to learn some ongoing camera technologies.

They update high-quality pictures and have active community forums. However, the only flaw with Digital Photography Review is that you get very short articles that lack explanation.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School was founded by Darren Rowse. The sole objective of this website is to help aspiring and advanced photographers to learn new tricks and tips.

This school publishes content regarding ‘how to’ and ‘what to do’. They help in teaching newbies the right way to click a picture.

Photo focus

Photofocus is an educational resource for aspiring and advanced photographers. They provide content from well-renowned photo artists and business leaders. This blog refrains from publishing noneducational topics.

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Photofocus also deals with leading camera brands to provide world-class accessories and equipment. They provide updated product reviews, informational podcasts, training videos, and motivating content to help in cultivating good photography skills.

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The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer has different pages for every section. You can find tips, features, reviews, news, inspiration, and a lot of extras here. The tagline of this blog ‘the psychology of creative photography’ shows the artistic side of the bloggers.


The entire team of 1X focuses on publishing the latest reviews, interviews, news, and trends of the digital world. This blog is released in a magazine-style and also has weekly and monthly themes and games.

This website is well-designed and planned as per the visitors’ preferences. They update clear, impressive images and informational articles. This site is ideal for beginners.

Finishing up

Visiting photography blogs are the best way to keep yourself updated with the latest digital camera trends and tips. If you want to buy digital camera online at ecityvalue, visit ecityvalue.com.

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