7 Design & Development Aspects Brands Make When Establishing an Online Presence

It comes as no surprise that the United Arab Emirates has one of the fastest Internet penetration in the online world. Today, UAE has expansively grown into a technologically empowered country where almost 96% of the population has gone online. And with the pandemic on the rise, the numbers have significantly increased. With such a high usage of the Internet, I have come across several instances where I have learned the company is experiencing a setback when it comes to digital grooming of businesses.

No matter, it is one of the fastest growing economies but the Internet scope of the place isn’t satisfactory. There are a range of areas where the Dubai IT teams at organizations fall short in delivering experiences.

As a digital marketer, here are 7 design & development aspects which I believe are essential to address.

Bad Quality Website Designs

One of the most shocking reveals in the online space within the UAE market was the level of outdated or poorly designed websites circulating the Internet. These website designs looked as if they were the brainchild of a low-priced budgeted project usually entertained by Pakistani and Indian developers. They had no direction, no strategy, and no unique selling points. In the wake of getting website designs done by low-cost developers, businesses in UAE took the risk of populating the markets with poor quality designs.

On the other hand, many UAE businesses were content with spending their budget on large glossy print designs rather than investing more in their online presence. It’s why most B2B and B2C businesses do not focus on creating thriving online experiences. When it comes to building a website, it is essential that one must focus on certain areas such as functionality, usability, user-experience, site design and content. Using words like, “innovative,” “trustworthy,” “blazing fast,” “customer-centric,” & “profit generating” helps.

Today, we have platforms like WordPress which offers paid & free templates which helps entrepreneurs establish a world-class business image in the online world for their respective businesses.

Ask a web design agency and they will encourage you to leverage such software solutions.

No Documented Strategy 

A survey performed in earlier 2015 on 55 startups in the UAE revealed that 70% of these firms don’t have a document strategy. And as a matter of fact, these numbers have now exponentially increased.

Today, many professional firms don’t have a documented strategy which makes inter-departmental communications difficult. People working in the same company aren’t quite aware of which departments are responsible for what tasks. They are not quite aware of how the digital aspect of their businesses work. Therefore, it is important your brand, big or small, should have a documented strategy.

A documented strategy will ensure everything is well streamlined and in accordance with the vision.

When formulating a digital strategy, focus on the following aspects.

  • Strategic overview
  • Keyword research
  • Brief competitor analysis
  • Ad messaging
  • Testing recommendations
  • Schedule of activity
  • Objectives
  • Goal tracking
  • Media budgets

Focusing on Tailoring Mobile Experiences

Brands nowadays are not only competing with delivering the best experience in their business niche, but they are in fact competing for creating the best digital experience the customer ever had. Customers now want to complete tasks in just a few taps, may it be booking on an online air ticket, or ordering food or just about anything they want to do. Speed and convenience have now become the new norm.

Research indicates that mobile experiences which are not user-friendly gets dumped easily. More than 61% of users choose a different alternative irrespective of the service offered just because the online experience wasn’t seamless and interactive. When it comes to online experiences, people have expectations and when they are not met, business drastically fails.

Custom tailor your mobile experiences to deliver better speed, UX satisfaction and responsive deliveries.

Focus on Website Personalization

Marketers are using website personalization for over a decade to improve the overall marketing efforts. Personalized experiences get 29% more attraction from online visitors. Personalized emails get 41% better click-through rates compared to traditional emails. Today, if you don’t know your customers, you can’t offer them what they want. With personalization, you gain added insight on what your customer wants. Custom tailored experiences can help better understand the intent of the customers.

When your website focuses on the needs and wants of the customers, they can feel more convinced in making a decision. They may take your website into consideration and purchase a product/service from you. As a result, you get more clientele and better customers. And before you know it, your business becomes a profit generating engine. Focus on personalization within your brand wherever you can. Optimize business in a way that it compliments your customers much more effectively.

Concluding Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you want to make your digital experience a thriving success, consider the above discussed aspects. A website with a documented strategy can bring design and development teams on the same page. Poor quality website designs can only fail your business, whereas a responsive web design can have favorable impacts for your business. And above all personalization will add the remaining engaging element to make your online business worth the experience. There is no quick way to find the solution.


If you want to see your website compliment the market of UAE, you need to optimize your business focus.

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