A Guide to Hiring a Web Developer

Hiring a Web Developer

In case you’re looking to enroll a web developer to help improve your business nearness online or to update your existing site then we have a manual for help finding the correct developer for you. 

Web advancement is still as looked for after as ever with new and innovative web innovation allowing for a progressively intuitive and productive online experience for the guests of your site. 

Web developers can help make sites ranging from network web journals to completely powerful online business stages. For whatever length of time that you know the bearing you need to take your organization site in you can find the correct kind of counsel and ability from an accomplished web developer – you simply need to ensure you find the correct one for your business. 

Where to find a web developer? 

One path is to post a vocation listing on AIQU to publicize the job. Regardless of whether that is a lasting job or an agreement, AIQU can promote the activity job to find a perfect applicant that has what it requires. Despite the fact that to make the advert as powerful as could reasonably be expected, it’s a smart thought to ensure you include the following abilities and aptitude to find the perfect developer with the correct information and experience. Web advancement is typically made out of customer side turn of events and server-side improvement makes up the front end and back end advancement. 


Hiring a Front End Developer 

Customer side turn of events, or regularly known as front end improvement is the act of producing HTML, CSS and Javascript for a site or web application.

The front end is the piece of the site that watchers see and interact with. These three devices make the look, plan and feel of the site and are the basics of building a site. Hire front end developer in Dubai ought to be talented in the following apparatuses.



This is the increased language that each site uses to arrange and render the substance and design. HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language is an old language that is as yet utilized today and has advanced tremendously consistently allowing for increasingly powerful substance, for example, video and interactive components using HTML5.

The present web guidelines can’t depend entirely on unadulterated HTML and will require different archives and contents to make the best online experience. All web developers ought to have at any rate intermediate information on HTML and while compared with a software developer Dubai, they are professionals who build software and run across different types of computers. 



CSS is another important language for adding styles and plans to your site. A cascading template (CSS) gives the choice to change and include hues, text styles, spacing, and significantly more. HTML and CSS work connected at the hip and not just includes a degree of consistency in structure all through the site yet can likewise accelerate the heap times as well.

It offers such huge numbers of various choices and with the ongoing introduction of CSS3, styles and fastens can be a lot more powerful using enhanced visualizations and adaptable formats. CSS can likewise help make a responsive website composition for portable clients adding additional openness. 



Javascript is an occasion-based basic programming language that can make a site increasingly interactive, utilitarian and dynamic. Javascript can do a wide range of things including the capacity to render dynamic substance dependent on the web guests’ utilization of the program, operating framework (PC, Mac or Linux) or nation. Another strategy is AJAX which is JavaScript code that can effectively recover content from the web (independent of the original HTML page recovery), and furthermore respond to server-side occasions too, adding a genuinely powerful nature to the web understanding. 


Hiring a Back-End Web Developer 

Server-side turn of events, otherwise called the back-end development concentrates more on the systems, center utilitarian rationale and the server side of a site. Back end developers would comprehend the programming dialects that help control and procedure the engineering of a site that controls the presentation, speed and unwavering quality. This is finished by having a decent degree of involvement with back-end programming dialects and database abilities – here’s a rundown of programming dialects to pay special mind to: 

  • PHP 
  • ASP.NET and .NET Framework 
  • MySQL Database and SQL Server Skills 
  • Ruby 
  • Python 
  • Perl 
  • Java 
  • AJAX 
  • Lithe 



Just as front-end advancement, these abilities are basic for the building and maintenance of any site, whatever the size or administrations it offers. A web developer doesn’t have to know all of these as programming dialects. For instance, PHP and ASP.NET are isolated stages and some web developers tend to spend significant time in either. Information on MySQL and database executives would be essential as both of these stages will require a database to store significant client and site information. 



In case you’re just hiring a web developer on an agreement then they will in all probability give you a CMS for you to oversee and amend the substance on the site. A CMS, which represents content administration framework permits individuals with the proper authorizations to change the content and symbolism whenever required.

Most of CMS restricts the change of any back-end code to keep the site from breaking so are constrained to simply content editing as it were. Extra highlights likewise permit clients to screen certain details, include new pages or blog entries and the capacity to oversee clients and SEO. A web developer ought to have SEO in mind so will ensure the pages are streamlined effectively for web search tools yet won’t really flexibly duplicate. 

Regardless of whether you’re intending to keep the web developer in the group to maintain the site, a CMS is an extraordinary device to deal with the site for developers and substance editors. The most mainstream CMS utilized for sites are WordPress and Drupal yet a few developers tend to utilize something else depending on the size and extent of a site. 


Different Qualities 

It’s not simply the specialized abilities you should pay special mind to; the perfect up-and-comer ought to likewise be capable in different characteristics from time to board to great critical thinking aptitudes. Great correspondence and the capacity to work with deadlines is significant as you would prefer not to pursue them up for refreshes continuously. Obviously you can’t anticipate if a web developer will adhere to the timetable yet doing your exploration and contacting references can give you some insight on their past reputation.

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