10 Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

apps to curb smartphone addiction

In this smartphone technology, we spend most of the time with our smartphone playing games, browsing social networking websites, and many applications. Some of the individuals are hooked into the use of certain applications that they invest their all energy and time in them. Presently, addiction isn’t healthy, no matter whether of mobile applications or unhealthy substances. It’s additionally acceptable to get rid of your addiction before it begins to disturb your way of life and harm your eyes as well.

So to expand awareness of unhealthy dependence on applications and addictive or repetitive behavior around gaming and other entertainment applications, there are applications that will help with tracking and monitor such activities. Individuals who realize such unhealthy addiction can utilize such applications to trace application use and lessen the time they spend on their devices.

There are many applications are available on the Play Store and App Store. But we have mentioned below the best phone usage tracker apps for Android and iOS devices that will track your phone. Have a look!

Best Apps to Stop Smartphone Addiction

1. Social Fever

This is the best application to track the time spent on your smartphone. Admit or not, the foremost thing you are doing after you wake up is to appear on your phone screen to see for alerts or talk with mates. Furthermore, the whole day, you contribute considerable time to check feeds by social media applications or browse something.

With Social Fever, you’ll differentiate between time spent inside the real and virtual world and easily track time spent on your smartphone. You can in like set the timer to limit phone usage. The basic and user-friendly interface helps you to hold a track on how much of the time you open the smartphone and also monitors the app usage on the smartphone.

It gives you essential step by step weekly reports your phone use. It’s a light-weight application and consumes a lesser battery.

Download the app for Android

2. Offtime

This application helps customers with unplugging by blocking distracting applications like games, Facebook, and filtering communications. It recollects information for the amount you really use your phone. You’ll pick custom-fitted modes like Work, Family, or Me Time to guarantee that you basically approach the things you might want, in any case, you are not redirected by what you don’t. Analytics of your phone and application use is frequently a major update and may help you with controlling your habits.

Download the app for iOS

3. QualityTime

QualityTime is apparently the least difficult all-around use tracker app on the Google Play Store. It logs a vast scope of stats, including everything from how normally you entered your PIN and initiated using your contraption to how much you spent using each individual application.

The more you use the app, the more point by point the results become. For instance, you’ll have the decision to get what times of day you use your smartphone the most and which applications you get to most as a rule at express times of the day.

Download the app for Android

4. BreakFree

BreakFree unites the usage following features found in various practically identical applications, anyway it differentiates in that it breaks down the information into a simple “addictions score.” It moreover gives you ways routinely you open your phone screen and totally logs your use for the day. This system settles subsequently a remarkable choice for the people who wish to set targets and challenge themselves. In a surprising reshape, it can about be addictive to intend to see how low you’ll get your addiction score.

Download the app for Android

5. YourHour

If you just have a tendency that your phone addiction is interfering along with your productivity, around then it is the first sign to use YourHour application. The app has an enormous dashboard which will give every one of you the essential information at one spot so you’ll reduce your phone usage time. Moreover, the app tracks your Usage time and Unlock Count. It even creates an infographic viewpoint on your past seven days works out.

The machine has an exceptional component under which application groups your reliance in six levels – Obsessed, Addicted, Habitual, Dependent, Achiever, and Champion. The hourly, a day, and step by step reports are made by this tool which might be taken care of in Microsoft Excel file to analyze your habits better. It’s an awesome Android application for smartphone addicts.

Download the app for Android

6. My Addictiometer

My Addictiometer is a smartphone monitoring application that helps you to track time on the phone. It’s a legit tool to check what extent the time you spent on your smartphone. It makes you deal with mobile addiction. The data and information accumulated by the app will help understand the level of addiction. It furthermore tells the user the number of times he opens his smartphone. It moreover examines on which days during a month you used your phone the first. It moreover shows totally the time spent on mobile on one day.

Download the app for Android

7. Moment – Screen Time Control

Moment app tracks your device use and allows you to set daily limits; the app notifies you if you exceed them. You’ll even use a setting that “forces” you off your smartphone by flooding your screen with annoying alerts once you tried to extend your screen time. The Moment app can similarly be used for families, with the choice to follow your family’s device use from your own phone.

8. Flipd

If you basically need an aggressive approach to unplugging, Flipd is that the sole application for you. Flipd grants you to lock your phone for a group of the time periods, and once you’re doing, there’s no going back. Regardless, restarting your phone won’t disable the app, so it’s shocking for you to cheat! Flipd can even be wont to remotely “flip off” one user from another user’s device, which is useful for teams that need to stay on point.

Download the app for Andriod and iOS

9. RealizD

This is a very simple tracker application that records some time spend on iPhone and forces you off your device when some time limit is over. The app keeps an eye out for your phone use stats and normally log you’re a daily stats in history to encourage you out at tracking your mobile activities. The beautiful and simple charts present you’ve calculated a day phone use percentage for you.

Download the app for iOS

10. Nobile Alarm

With the assistance of this best smartphone use tracker application for iPhone, you’ll set alarm once you are working or studying to remain focused. You’ll set time intervals that time you might want to figure and wish to remain focused. It’s incredibly simple to use the app, you only got the opportunity to put your smartphone horizontally on your desk and tap on the start button. Besides, much an identical as that, you’ll start achieving your work uninterruptedly.

Download the app for iOS

We have mentioned above the best phone usage tracker apps for Android and iOS devices. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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