10 Best BetterHelp Alternatives for 2022 for Taking Online Therapy

best betterhelp alternative

Due to Covid we are There was spike in online therapy. One of Popular platform for online therapy is Betterhelp With 1500+ professionals and Numerous numbers of online therapy option available. But Some people might not find it helpful due to some reasons.

So we decided to make a list of Betterhelp alternatives for you. But first lets take a look on brief about Betterhelp.

Betterhelp : Overview and How it Works

Betterhelp is an online counselling service for psychological assistance. They provide Services for web and app Both Platform.

Key Features of Betterhelp are:

Product Name BetterHelp Online Therapy
Usability Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPPA Compliant Yes
Year Founded 2013
Price Starts from $35/ Week
Payment options Credit card or PayPal
Free Trial Available  Yes, 7 Days Free Trial
Session Types Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging

Best Betterhelp Alternatives for Online Therapy:

Below is the breakdown best Betterhelp alternatives.

1. Talkspace : Best Overall


Talkspace is the biggest competitor and best alternative to Betterhelp. With Talkspace not only you get the therapist of your choice but they have the flexible plans according to your suitability.


  • Pricing: $65/week
  • Ease of Use: Messaging, Phone, Video (not available via desktop)
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android
  • A Matching Agent for you to select you the best Therapist.

Pricing Plan:

  • Messaging Therapy for $65/week ($260/month)
  • Messaging + 1 Live Video for $79/week ($316/month)
  • Messaging + 4 Live Videos for $99/week ($396/month)

Why Talkspace is better than Betterhelp:

In Betterhelp for choosing the therapist the process is automatic so many user end up not getting therapist they can be comfortable with and Talkspace has overcome this negative point of Betterhelp.

Visit Talkspace

2. Online-Therapy.com: Best for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Online-Therapy.com logo

if you are new to online therapy dont want to invest much and want to get the full experience of therapy, then this is the great fit option like Betterhelp for you.


  • Chat, Messaging, and Worksheets
  • best for CBT
  • Affordable and Ease of use
  • Provide complete toolbox to work on yourself

Pricing Plan: $47.96/week

Why Online-Therapy.com is better than Betterhelp:

Less expensive than Betterhelp and provide the same environment of therapy like Betterhelp. If you are new user then they also provide 20% off for new user. This Make online-therapy.com very affordable and budget friendly to everyone.

Visit  OnlineTherapy.com

3. Regain.us : Best for Couple Counselling

regain logo

If you are facing relationship issues and want a professional in the same area then its time to end your search here because Regain provide you couple counseling at your door step.


  • Platform is dedicated to relationship counseling
  • 7 Days Free trial
  • no extra charge for taking sessions with your partner
  • Ease of Use: Messaging, Phone, Video (not available via desktop)
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android

Pricing Plan:

  • $80/week billed weekly – Pay $80 per week
  • $65/week billed monthly (Most Popular) – Four weeks of unlimited messages and weekly live sessions
  • $45/week billed Quarterly-Three months of unlimited messages and weekly live sessions
  • $35/week billed yearly -Twelvemonths of unlimited messages and weekly live sessions

Why Regain is better than Betterhelp:

Although Betterhelp is the sister site of Betterhelp but they don’t completely focus of couple counselling and regain is the platform with couple therapy professional to handle and understand the situation better.

Visit Regain

4. Bliss by CIMHS : Free Online therapy

Bliss by CIMHS

Well if you are not sure if you want to invest your money in online therapy or not. This is the best Betterhelp alternative to take help from. Bliss provide you 8 session interactive of online therapy and work best with people who suffer from depression.


  • Based on CBT
  • Helps you improving your moos and mental health.
  • you can access anywhere and anytime.
  • You and your information will remain confidential

Pricing Plan:

Completely Free

Why Bliss is better than Betterhelp:

Bliss can be the best alternative to Betterhelp if you are unsure about online therapy. this online therapy will help you to understand how online therapy works.


5. Pride Counselling: Best for LGBTQ Therapy

pride counselling

If you are from LGBT Community, we understand, it is very difficult to get the comfortable environment. For you we have added site like Betterhelp, who provide online therapy to LGBT community and specially designed to help LGBT.


  • This Platform is for LGBT
  • 7 Days free trial.
  • Mode of Therapy: Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android
  • HIPAA compliant

Pricing Plan:

  • starts from $40 per week
  • Premium plan at $316 for a month includes 1 live therapy session.

Why Pride Counselling is better than Betterhelp:

This Platform Completely focuses on LGBT Community and provide the environment which Betterhelp and professionals might not able to.

Visit Pride Counseling

6. BlahTherapy Chat Hub : Best for Being Connect to Connected Anonymously


If you need someone to talk to online and dont want to spend a penny then dont worry blahtherapy could be the perfect option for you. They offer Free chat Support for people feel lonely and have low confidence.


  • Online Therapists (Unlimited Therapy session for low fee)
  • 24/7 access available
  • Provide guidance if you are confuse at certain point of your life

Pricing Plan: Free

Why BlahTherapy is better than Betterhelp:

Free Chat Support available online that you can access 24/7 that betterhelp doesn’t provide.

Visit BlahTherapy

7. Ginger : Best for App Based Therapy

Ginger online therapy

This Online Therapy platform provide free support via app for free. if you want to access personalized services they you have to pay.


  • Chat and video calls.
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android
  • skill-developing content for free
  • 24/7 mental health support

Pricing Plan: Free for content library and chat

Why Ginger is better than Betterhelp:

For free App based support you can choose this platform over Betterhelp.

Visit Ginger

8. Amwell: Best for Holistic Treatment


Amwell helps you to Connect to Experienced professional to have a Holistic Treatment. They have 350+ mental health professionals and provide a secure therapy platform.


  • accepts insurance
  • Mode of Therapy: Online video sessions, phone calls, and messaging
  • accredited  by American Telemedicine Association

Pricing Plan:

  • Varies between $59 and $99 per visit
  • Psychiatry – $199 for the initial visit, $95 for follow-ups

Why Amwell is better than Betterhelp:

Sometimes Betterhelp doesn’t provide you the same holistic environment same as Amwell Do and pricing plans of Amwell is cheaper than Betterhelp.

Visit Amwell

9. 7 Cups of Tea : Best for group Support

7 cups of tea online therapy

Just like the online therapy website Betterhelp, 7 cups of Tea also provide online therapy. the brownie  point of this therapy service is that They provide 100% free community services where you can share your problem and if you want to get support with professionals then you need to switch paid services.


  • Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video
  • HIPAA compliant platform
  • personalized chat room for security

Pricing Plan: $150/month (also offers free Community service)

Why 7 Cups of Tea is better than Betterhelp:

With Betterhelp you cant get the community support and pricing plans of 7cups is affordable.

Visit 7 Cups of Tea

10. iCounseling : Best for Unlimited Therapist Access

iCounseling logo

iCounseling is a platform provide online therapy just like betterhelp do. To get started with the process you need to fill a assessment, On basic of that Assessment you will be assigned a therapist. Although you are assigned a therapist but in case if you want to consult with any other therapist you can do that also.


  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Mobile App: iOS, Android
  • therapists are licensed and experienced
  • Unlimited Therapist Access

Pricing Plan: $60 to $80/week

Why iCounseling is better than Betterhelp:

With Betterhep you don’t get the unlimited therapist access this made a plus point to iCounseling.

Visit icounselling

Which Betterhelp Alternative Should You Pick?

Working on your mental health is essential and online therapy can be the option you can work on yourself at your couch.

Betterhelp is the great option for online therapy as it has very exciting feature with affordability but it is not the only option So Check these best Betterhelp alternative you can choose to go for with same features. Also Let us know in comment which option would you choose.

Till Then Stay Happy.

More Power to You!

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