5 Ways to Boost Internet Upload Speed

Boost Internet Upload Speed
Generally, it is a well-known fact that there is a noticeable difference in the upload and download speed between the cable and DSL internet. Most internet connections offer excellent download speeds. However, their upload speeds often suck. Spectrum Internet service is usually known for providing an excellent download and upload speed in affordable packages. But, like all other networks, it is natural to come across speed issues on Spectrum too. If you are facing a slow upload speed issue on Spectrum, here are 6 ways you can try to fix it.

#1. Examine Your Ethernet Connection

The process of improving your upload speed begins with a proper check-up of your internet connection using the ethernet cable. This step is necessary to make sure that your ethernet connection has no problems whatsoever. Follow these steps to examine your ethernet connection.
  1. If you are using your Wi-Fi connection, unplug the ethernet connection cable from your router first.
  2. Now, re-plug it into the router and attach the other end of the cable to the ethernet port on your computer.
  3. Once attached, go online to run a speed test. This will ensure if the low upload internet speed issue persists.
After running a few speed tests, if you realize that you have a low upload speed issue, make sure to get in touch with Spectrum customer service to help resolve the issue. However, if the results are opposite and you see that upload speed is close to what the company advertised, then you can apply the measures discussed below.

#2. Check the Apps that Use Upload Speed

Another way to fix this issue is by finding out if any of the devices (connected to your Wi-Fi network) are trying to upload large-sized files. If that is the case, these files are consistently using a large chunk of your upload speed causing you to face a low upload speed issue. Once you find such devices, make sure to re-run the internet speed test after the file upload process is over. If you find no issues, that is good news. For those who don’t fit this category, you can try the next fix.

#3. Scrutinize Your VPN

Constant use of a VPN app can also cause you to face a slow upload speed on Spectrum. A VPN app’s job is to constantly route all the traffic via its servers. Once a VPN app is enabled, it will use your upload speed to carry out its task by routing all your traffic through its server. As a result, you experience varying internet upload speeds. Make sure to disable your VPN app if it has served its purpose.

#4. Reboot Your Router or Modem

If you have tried every solution from this list and nothing has done the trick, then it is time to reboot your router or modem. Rebooting the modem will not only refresh your internet connection, but it will also neutralize any issue or bug that could be the potential cause of the slow upload speed. Once the router gets restarted, check your internet connection by running a few speed tests. You can also try uploading a file or using an app that runs on speed to see if the issue is resolved.

#5. Consider Updating Your Router

In case you are still stuck with the low upload speed, then inspect your router to see whether it uses the latest firmware to support the high-speed Spectrum internet connection that you have been paying for. If the answer is no, then it is clear that you need to upgrade your old router with the newest model. While you are considering the upgrade, you can pair it up with Spectrum TV services to get a discount.

#6. Get in Touch with Spectrum

In the end, if nothing has worked so far, you should call Spectrum customer service which is available 24/7. The representatives can help resolve this issue in real-time because they are fully trained to provide solutions for any internet-related problems. Explain your slow speed issue in detail and don’t forget to mention the methods you have used to try to fix this problem. Read more:  mydailypapers.com Read more:  myworldnews24.com
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