Which Type of Flooring Is Best for Kids and Pets?

Kids and Pets

Flooring is never easy to choose when you have kids and pets at home. You want something durable enough to withstand all that foot traffic, but you also want something stylish and that doesn’t cost too much since it will get dirty fast, especially if you have young children and pets in the house. The best way to find the perfect balance between style and durability for your floors is to consider hybrid flooring, which blends the benefits of hardwood floors with the durability of carpeting.

Is carpet a good choice for pet owners?

The carpet’s appeal is obvious: It feels great underfoot, it adds warmth to a room and it can be made in any style or colour imaginable. Plus, there are so many affordable options that you can pick out exactly what you want—until you have a dog (or cat) at home. Pet owners will tell you that pet stains on carpets are near impossible to get rid of. If your pet has an accident on your carpet, it’s going to be near impossible to get those yellowish-brown stains out.

While you could always just put down another layer over top of the area where it had his accident, it won’t make a difference if it continues making messes underneath where he peed last time.

Hybrid flooring offers a solution: It looks like hardwood and it is highly water-resistant and scratch-resistant! This is because hybrid floors are made from wood fibres mixed with other materials like rubber and plastic. The result is something similar to natural hardwood but without all of its downsides—like scratches from furniture legs or water damage from spilt drinks. Since hybrid floors are designed with layers of different materials, they resist staining from the pets very well. They also work well for families with allergies since they don’t contain dust mites or mould spores as natural wood does.

What about hybrid flooring in child areas, specifically bedrooms?

Pet owners always have to make compromises in a child’s bedroom, choosing things that are safe for children but also safe for pets. If you have both a dog and a child in your home, then hybrid flooring may be an ideal solution.

Some new hybrid hardwood floors come with fibreglass components built into them which makes them very sturdy as well as suitable for either family members or furry friends. In fact, they can be so sturdy that you may even be able to use these flooring types in staircases or other areas frequented by your pet too. The surfaces aren’t likely to show scratches or dents easily like many natural wood flooring types do, making them easier to clean up after accidents too.

It needs to be easy to clean

Make sure to choose a flooring option that is safe for your children to play on and easy to clean. Certain types of floors can be harder to clean than others, so make sure you’re choosing a material that’s going to be easy to maintain if it gets dirty.

Avoid materials that are too slippery or hard on bare feet if you want them as part of your home design as well—the last thing you want is your child falling down because they slipped while they were playing in their room! If an accident happens, having a safe flooring option will help prevent further injury from occurring.

Laminate Floor for kids

Laminate floors are great, especially if you want to make sure that your home has a uniform, modern look. Laminate floors are also great for families with small children because it’s durable and less expensive than a lot of wooded floors or tiles.

However, the laminate floor doesn’t necessarily come in as many varieties. Laminate floors are more durable than standard wood floors, making them a great choice in homes with children. Laminate is stain-resistant, which means it’s easier to clean up any messes made by your toddler. However, it’s important to know that not all laminate floors are created equal. Some laminate floors are not water or scratch-resistant, which makes them a less attractive option for families with kids or pets.

Engineered Timber Floor

Engineered timber flooring is perfect for homes with kids or pets. It’s super durable, easy to clean, soft underfoot and comes in a wide range of options that can fit into most budgets. In fact, it’s one of our favourite types of floors because it checks all those boxes: You get an affordable option that looks great, cleans easily, can withstand anything life throws at it (like juice spills or muddy paws) and will stand up to heavy traffic from even your biggest furniture pieces. Plus, it’s made from real wood so you know you’re getting a natural product that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

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