Cocktail Dresses Complete Guide

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses usually bridge the gap between daytime dresses and nighttime attires. Cocktail dresses are preferred over any other kind of attire because they come between formal and casual dresses. They are known due to the falling length which is till the knee or just a little below the knees.

The special and unique feature of Cocktail dresses is that they fit perfectly and add to expose the body contours perfectly. Cocktail dresses fit on any sized female and manage to give a classy look at both casual and formal events. Because of their intrinsic aspects, Cocktail dresses when worn, give a composed and stylish look along with providing comfort. Cocktail dresses can be made in any fabric depend on the type of occasion and weather requirements. They come in silk, satin, and chiffon mostly.


Nowadays, the entire cocktail look and purpose have changed and are more elegant than before. However, the essence and classy look of the style remains the same: cocktail dresses are a little formal than your routine dresses but are casual than heavy and formal dresses.

When dressing for a special or a cocktail event, it’s mandatory to know and consider the exact type of event so that you can dress appropriately.  By taking that event under consideration, it will be easy to choose the colors, designs, and select the look while dressing up. For night events, go for black, golden, blue, or pastel purple colors. While in case of day time occasions, you can wear white, pink, mint green or pastel and fresh colors. For the birthday parties, it is best to go for pink or blue color in general and if they are theme-based, choose that color.


Cocktail dresses are a perfect match for weddings. In this era, ladies prefer cocktail dresses over any other type of dress. It is due to their semi-formal look. You don’t look overdressed or underdressed. They are more decent and elegant plus give that classy look when worn perfectly. What makes it unique is that it could be short; it could be of knee-length or longer than that. This shows that you can design them perfectly according to the events. If the dress is more embellished, has embroidery or glittery work, you should wear minimal jewelry and makeup. If the dress is simple, you can pair it with fancy heels, heavy jewelry, and bold makeup.


Do you have plans for a special event but cannot decide what to wear due to yourplus body size? Well, we got you covered. Just go for a cocktail dress as they fit perfectly on any body shape and size. They come in different styles and can flatter ladies of any shape or size. Choosing the perfect dress for your body not only enhances your body features but also makes you more confident and elegant.

If you want to show off your beautiful legs, go for short-length cocktail gowns. If you have a nice collar bone you can wear a V-neckline or a boat neckline dress. In case you want to hide your problem areas, you can choose the dress accordingly. If you have armpit fat or cellulite, you can choose the dresses which have sleeves and do not go for off-shoulder attires.

A pear-shaped body describes that your upper body is small and less wide than your lower body. Women having this body shape have wider hips and thick legs while slender shoulders. So try to wear night-style dresses which focus on your upper body and draw attention to that part. Appealing styles like off-shoulder, sleeveless, deep necklines, and strapless dresses draw attention to your upper body rather than your legs and hips and produce a balance between both of them.  Necklines that plunge low combined with statement neckpieces or large earrings also work great for you and this gives a more complete, composed, elegant, and classy look.

If you have an athletic body build then your body shape is rectangular. Cocktail dresses that are heavy at the chest part and hips are the best match for this body shape. They barely have curves so should not wear tight dresses or which are of a thin material fabric. You should wear small black dresses which have a kind of frill or a small flare at the bottom and top as well. They create the illusion of a curved body shape and balance your features.

For an hourglass body shape, cocktail dresses that fit perfectly are the best choice. They enhance your body curves and make you look more composed. If you are in this category, flaunt your features with short cocktail dresses that show your waist, hips, and lean legs. Fall gown cocktail dresses are also a perfect choice for an hourglass figure. You can pair them with fancy belts, high heels, and even simple flats.


  • They make you feel comfortable; there is no fear of them falling off.
  • They are a perfect match for both formal and casual occasions.
  • They let you flaunt your body features perfectly with a classy look.
  • Cocktail dresses are never out of fashion since the 50s and 60s.


While special occasions are always exciting, but deciding what to wear at that event can be stressful and unexciting.  And selecting an outfit that is comfortable and also good for that big occasion seems quite challenging. We have created a complete guideline for you to choose the dresses accordingly and go for the best ones for your special occasions.

Cocktail dresses usually hit around the knee or just a little below the knee. As a general rule, you should not go for long maxi dresses which are sometimes considered to be overdressed for some events. Very short dresses or miniskirts also do not fit for every occasion. You do not have to wear cocktail dresses for only cocktail parties; they are a perfect match for both casual and formal events. For some fancy cocktail events, like New-year events or birthday parties, break out the old trend and go for elegant cocktail dresses. They are perfectly carried with high heels, long boots, or simple flats.

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