Courthouse Wedding Dresses You Can Wear That Are Simple Yet Special

Courthouse weddings have become so popular nowadays. Surely, weddings happen once in a lifetime, and it is just right to make it memorable not only for the couple but also for the guests.

However, as time passes and as expenses rapidly increase, couples tend to become more practical. That’s why a lot of couples have ditched the traditional and fancy ceremonies and opted for a simple, intimate, and budget-friendly wedding in a courthouse.

What to wear to your courthouse wedding?

Courthouse wedding ceremonies are a good excuse for brides to be more fashion-forward with the dress that they choose. Unlike traditional weddings, brides-to-be can choose to opt-out of big wedding gowns and wear the simple, yet fashionable dresses that would make them feel extra special on their wedding day. The season when the wedding will happen should also be considered upon choosing wedding outfits.

Many boutiques offer wedding dresses in NJ. If you’re still unsure what dress style to go for, here are some examples of wedding dresses that you can wear for your intimate courthouse wedding:

  • Satin Silk Slip Dress

Slip dresses are simple and easy to wear. If you are a bride who believes that less is more, this type of dress would surely catch your attention. The good thing about slip dresses is that you can wear them again on other occasions because slip dresses are versatile.

This dress style is becoming a trend nowadays, so it wouldn’t be a hassle to find it in any dress store in NJ. If you can’t find any slip dress in any boutique, there are many prom dresses in NJ that look similar to this style, so don’t hesitate to visit prom dress shops, as well.

  • Mini Dress

If you’re going for a classy and timeless look for your wedding, adorable mini dresses with a square neckline and long sleeves may be the wedding dress that you’re looking for! This dress style would look perfect on petite brides because the style accentuates the legs. Complete the look by pairing the dress with ankle strap heels.

  • Tea Length Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Simple and sophisticated is the vibe that you will be getting from this dress style. The flowy skirt makes the whole outfit look feminine and classic. You can even choose from a variety of necklines and the dress would still look dreamy. Many bridal stores in NJ offer this type of dress, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to look for them.

  • Ruffled White Midi Dress

A midi dress would fit any body type. It is a kind of dress that lies between formal and casual wear, thus making it perfect for a courthouse wedding. The ruffles will make it more fun and best be worn on summer-themed weddings. Wear flat strappy shoes with it and pair them with a pretty wavy hairstyle.

  • Lace Half- Sleeves with Sweetheart Neckline Dress

The lace fabric with a sweetheart neckline will give off a romantic vibe to any clothing, especially to a wedding dress. Sweetheart necklines will make any bride look elegant, while the half sleeves will make the look more formal, giving the entire style a classic twist to it. This kind of dress style is quite popular, you’ll surely find similar styles even in any Bridal shops in NJ.

  • Off-Shoulder White Gowns

Some brides would still choose to wear a gown at their courthouse wedding. There are a lot of options to choose from, but an off-shoulder white gown will make its statement. This kind of dress style screams elegance and sexiness.

If you prefer a puffy off-shoulder white gown, there are quinceanera dresses in NJ boutiques that look similar to this style. And who says a quinceanera gown can’t be worn in weddings? You’ll feel special and might just start reminiscing about your younger self during your quinceanera or debut.

  • Jumpsuit

Most modern brides opt for a jumpsuit as their wedding outfit, especially for courthouse weddings. It is much more comfortable to wear than dresses. Simple and minimalist designs will give a clean and sleek look. Jumpsuits are also a versatile clothing style. It would be good to spend on a high-quality jumpsuit because even after your wedding, you can still wear it anywhere on any occasion.

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