E-liquid and Their Packaging Procedures


E-liquids are trending in the market since more and more people are switching from cigarettes to smoking vapes. The significance of E-liquids in the vape accessories cannot be overlooked because it is the main ingredient of vapes. As these E-liquids are very fragile, so, they require extra care while shipping them from one place to the other. The E-liquid boxes are an ideal choice for the packaging of E-liquid products. These packages are specifically built to keep the fragile liquids safe and secure from external damaging elements. They provide you with endless customization options, and you can change them according to your specific requirements.

What are E-Liquids?

Sometimes, the E-liquids are also called “E-juices” or “vape juices.” These fluids are used in the vaping pens to create vapors. They are available in different flavors, and their nicotine level also varies from vape to vape. Not only that, but they come with zero nicotine levels as well. The constituent elements of e-juice are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, water, and food flavors. The vegetable glycerine and propylene are both used to disseminate the nicotine and flavor all through the liquid. These juices are heated by the battery when the vape is in use. So when inhaled, the e-juices turn into a smooth vapor. This is what is inhaled and exhaled as part of the vaping process.

Packaging Procedures:

The packaging procedure of the e-liquids is quite different from other liquid products in the market. Various factors are kept in mind while packaging vape juices. The vape juices consist of a special flavor and a specific nicotine level, due to which no one can afford to compromise on the packaging quality. That is why e-liquid boxes are specifically built from sturdy materials such as cardboard or paperboard. These packages ensure to keep the vape juices in their original stance by keeping their flavors fresh and free from any kind of air.

Their resistant properties against potentially damaging elements like bacteria, temperature, sunlight, chemical, high-wind velocity, and other contaminants make sure the e-juices inside are completely secured. Another factor considered in the packaging procedure of the e-liquids is the weight and size of the box. The size of the box is accurately customized according to the dimensions of the product inside. Similarly, much attention is paid to consuming less material in the fabrication of the box to offer convenience to the users.

Considerations for attracting Clients:

Most of the companies pay much heed to design the box for vape juices to protect them from external damaging elements. But an important factor is ignored by them due to which they incur huge business losses. What they do is that they focus on protecting the juices from external elements, but they forget to ensure the safety of liquids as they might spill out of the bottle. Do not make this blunder as nobody in the market will bother to buy the spilled out juices from you. Following points should be remembered while fabricating the packaging for e-liquids:

  • Be choosy in the selection of materials for manufacturing a perfect-looking box. The material chosen should be efficient, sturdy, and eco-friendly so that, along with maximum protection, the ecological nature of your brand is also ensured.
  • Adopt unique printing techniques for providing a perfect finish to your box so that your product may be able to allure the consumers in the very first look.
  • Make your box transparent by introducing a window-cut to offer a unique sneak peek to potential clients.

Types of E-Liquid Packaging:

The most common e-liquid packages in the market are made from cardstock and Kraft stock. Both of these packages can be customized in any shape, design, and style of your choice. Their glossy surfaces are highly printable, which can support all types of unique printing methods to print mesmerizing facts about your products as well as brands. This printing process helps a lot in the branding and marketing of the products and increase the profit margins of the companies. Windowed e-liquid packaging is alluring a large customer base and becoming the go-to choice in the retail market. Likewise, some unique shapes like hexagonal, octagonal, and pyramidal in e-liquid packaging are becoming a new trend in the industry.

A word of caution:

Vape juices are not commonly available in the market as they are illegal in some states. Not only are they illegal, but they have potentially harmful effects on the health of consumers. There is a specific age limit to be able to buy these liquids. Similarly, there are some standards set by every state to manufacture the packaging of these liquids in a particular way. For instance, the warning labels should be up to a particular size so that they become easily visible. While manufacturing the box, you need to be compliant with the standards; otherwise, you may end up in jail. Keep your labels and printed information highly visible, and use eco-friendly materials to make sure you are not harming the people and their surroundings.

The E-liquids used in the vaping pens are fragile due to which various factors need your attention while manufacturing E-liquid boxes. Every aspect, including the size, shape, protection capability, printing capability, etc., needs to be considered to ensure a perfect packaging for the vape juices.

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