Essential Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

AC Tips

Every homeowner desires to have a cool home. Air conditioners allow the flow of cool air in the entire house. Even during the hot summers, homeowners can achieve their comfort levels by installing a well-functioning air conditioner. However, these AC systems must be maintained to avoid frequent repairs and increase their lifespan. Here are some AC maintenance tips that enable homes to remain calm despite the hot weather.

Keep the AC Clean

The filters in air conditioners trap dust and hairs and can cause its failure. Cleaning the AC frequently helps to remove any debris that could affect the performance of any AC. One should ensure to use a soft-bristle brush when cleaning it. However, one should be careful when cleaning the fins to avoid crushing them. The manual can help the one cleaning because they contain the instructions needed.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

Nowadays, AC systems have a programmable thermostat. It allows homeowners to set the temperatures as required throughout the day. It also allows the AC to lower the temperature at a particular time of the day. Thus, they save lots of money due to the energy-efficiency. Again, they don’t have to keep walking over the dial to change the temperatures.

Incorporate an IN-Line Duct Booster

Sometimes, even with a functional AC in the house, some rooms remain hotter. Adding a vent or duct booster can allow fresh air flow in every room in the house. An in-line duct booster is a fan fitted in the duct of the warm room. It’s mounted near the outlet and allows cool air to flow in the targeted space.

Purchase a Universal Blanket

Universal blankets are used to reduce noise in a newer AC. If an old AC is noisy, one shouldn’t buy a compressor sound blanket for it. Instead, one should replace it with a new one because the universal veil can’t quite an old noisy AC. Though, one should ensure to purchase a sound blanket for their AC model.

Unclog the Drain Tube

A clogged drain tube reduces the performance of the AC. If the drain tube is clogged, water forms around the furnace when the AC is running. This water contains bacteria and forms slime to clog this tune. When unclogging the condensate drain tube, one should always wear protective clothing to avoid contact with the skin.

Replace the Filter

A filter plays a significant role in the AC’s performance. It traps any debris to keep it functioning as required. However, if there is too much debris build-up in the filter, it can cause failure. One should remove the furnace filter to see if there’s lots of trapped dust and dirt. If it’s difficult to clean, it would be best if one replaced the filter. This way, the AC will keep the house cool throughout the day.

Check the Insulation

AC units are insulated to protect the system. Sometimes, the insulation becomes damaged, primarily if it’s located outdoors. Homeowners should check the insulators regularly to see if they are damaged. If they are rotted, homeowners should hire HVAC technicians to replace them. Thus, the AC is always protected and keeps the home cool despite harsh weather conditions.

Check the AC Before Summer

If the AC unit has a problem, it can’t provide cool air during summer. Therefore, homeowners should check their AC systems before summer to repair any issues that could reduce their performance. They should have a checklist and to ensure that the entire AC system is in good condition. If the AC is repaired before summer, the family enjoys fresh air inside the house despite the scorching sun outside.

Fix Fins

Sometimes, the fins in the AC unit get bent. If homeowners notice this, they should use an object, such as a dinner knife, to realign the fins. Using much pressure on the fins can worsen the fins condition. Again, one should insert less than a half of the dinner knife to fix any crushed fins. Also, it would help if one fixed these fins before the AC systems become too hot. This way, fresh air flows freely in the entire house, giving the family the lifestyle it desires.

Some AC problems are simple, and homeowners can fix them themselves. However, if they are complicated, they can request maintenance services from AC service Mansfield to enjoy their summer. Maintenance of AC systems is necessary because it saves repair and replacement costs in the future.

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