Fashion Rules You Live By


Fashionistas can face a difficult world.

It all depends on your style.

Every stitch of clothing that we wear is carefully thought out. Here are some simple guidelines to help you dress appropriately.

There are never enough shoes

They should be both fashionable corpse husband merch and comfortable. All those pretty shoes can quickly become a torture device if they touch your pinky toes. You can show your style if you want to be trendy, but remember to keep them practical!

Shoes are not just for walking.

Many of us will opt for the most comfortable and sensible shoe, even if it’s a trend that will be huge in a few months. With the right accessories, any shoe can become trendy.

Accessorizing is everything!

Accessorize as much as you like, no matter what your track pants are or your designer dress. Make sure that everything matches your purse.

Sweatpants should not be worn for dinner.

They may be, but they shouldn’t be worn out in public. Dressy sweats should be worn only at home as no one will want to see how many burgers are in your body.

Shoes are a statement

Shoes can reveal a lot about someone. It would be absurd if someone wore scuffed-up flats and a costly dress.

Sometimes, bigger is not always better

Oversized clothes don’t flatter everyone and flatter every body type. Be confident in your own style and show off your fashionista side!

You don’t have to match your bra with your underwear anymore.

You can just throw everything in the washer together and your matching lace bras or panties will be washed to oblivion forever.

Baggy is almost never a good idea

You don’t want to hide the hard work you put in at the gym by wearing baggy clothes. You deserve to look good and fit well!

Fashion is fun!

Fashion is supposed be fun! Have a lot of fun mixing different styles like coryxkenshin merch, colours, and trends together to create your unique style.

Be yourself

You will be more respected by others if you are true to yourself, than if you try to fit in. These rules are important, but you should be flexible and find what works for you.

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