Five Stylish Hat Trends for Women

Hat for Women

The summer is the season for eye squinting and painful burns. You can prevent these minor annoyances by using the right outdoor protection. Sunscreen and hats are a must, no matter where you go.

Just because you’re wearing a hat for protective purposes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish. There’s nothing classier than wearing a wide brim straw hat on the beach or a beret when you go out to get your morning coffee.

These are only a few styles that you can rock this summer. Check out this guide for a complete list of stylish hat trends that you should check out before spring ends.

Bucket Hats 

First up on the list of stylish hats for women is a blast from the past. Bucket hats were huge in the 90s, and they’re making a comeback now.

Bucket Hat

They’ll make a perfect match for all of your casual summer wear. Straw bucket hats are perfect for wearing on a boat or at the beach. If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain, there are glossy models that allow for water runoff.

Wide-Brim Hat 

If you tend to burn easily, you’ll want to look into wide brim straw hats for women. They’re the perfect summer accessory to wear on the beach because they can keep the sun out of your eyes.

Wide-Brim Hat for women

They can also stop your face from getting burned while you sit out getting a tan. When you’re not enjoying your vacation time, wide-brim hats can add an air of elegance to your formal outfits.

Beret Hat

Berets are a little tricky to style. If you’re not careful, you end up looking like a cringy American tourist. If you can pull off this look, they make the perfect accessory no matter what time of year it is.

Beret Hat for women

Visor Hat 

Visors have an open-top, so wearing them won’t help you when it rains. They still make pretty great beach hats. The open-top will keep your head cool.

Visor Hat for women

Your scalp might get sunburned, but your face will remain protected, and they’ll stop sweat from dripping into your face.

Baseball Cap

One of the major hat trends that are never going anywhere is baseball caps. They’ll go with pretty much any outfit in your closet. The long bill will keep the sun’s rays out of your eyes.

Baseball Cap for women

They can stop your face from getting sunburned, which reduces your chances of skin cancer. They can also keep your scalp cool and regulate your body temperature.

Stylish Hat Trends to Stay a-Head of 

During the heat of the summer, wearing a hat is a must if you want to save your face and scalp from painful sunburn. Just because you have to wear one, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style.

Try out one of these stylish hat trends during your beach vacation this season. If you’re looking for more ways to be fashionable this summer, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Beauty section of our blog for all the latest tips.

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