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The time feels right! You are finally ready to pop that all-important question that could change your life. However, the crucial accessory needed for a successful marriage proposal has you scratching your head. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Buying engagement rings is generally a tough job for most men. After all, you want to surprise your girl, so you must research and shop on your own.

If you want a resounding yes, you need a beautiful ring to match your romantic proposal. You can never go wrong with a brilliant, sparkly diamond ring that tantalizes the eyes. The key is finding the right piece that reflects the personality of the woman you want to call your wife. Consider the following hacks to help you find the best ring ever:

Set the Budget Parameters

You must start with a realistic budget. Of course, you want to give your girl the biggest and brightest bling there is. However, it would not be wise to incur massive debt when you are about to get married. Setting a budget you can afford is paramount. Don’t feel disheartened as many reputable diamond sellers offer promotions and deals.

Do Research on the Fly

The best person to ask about her preferences is your girlfriend, of course. But if you don’t want to give her any hints, you must research a secret agent. You can start by perusing magazines and asking her opinions about the stuff inside, from jeans to bags. Make sure there are several diamond engagement rings inside so you can hear her thoughts. To avoid arousing her suspicion, you can also check her social media feed for clues. Take mental notes so you can find the perfect ring that she will love for a lifetime.

Ask Her Closest Friends

You can ask her mom, sister, and BFFs for advice. Just make sure these people will be your allies and keep it a secret. You can set an appointment with any of these women to go jewellery shopping with you. Just be very discreet and make sure your girlfriend doesn’t find out what you’re up to. Maybe you can go with her closest friends while her mom takes her out on a spa date. This is a huge team effort, and they will certainly be happy to help.

Get the Right Ring Size

It would be very awkward to slip the engagement ring, only for it to get stuck halfway on her finger. Don’t let the wrong size cause a glitch in your romantic proposal. With due diligence, you can decrease awkwardness. Find the right size by getting one of her rings and having it secretly measured. Make sure you return the item right away so she won’t notice anything is amiss. You can also ask her friends to discreetly get the size on your behalf.

Plan the Surprise

There’s nothing more poignant than planning a thoughtful surprise. Remember, the engagement ring will take centre stage in your proposal. You must think of creative ways to present it to the woman you love. More than the ring itself, you need to set up a touching scene that she will remember forever. How she received the ring will be etched in her memories for a lifetime. And it will be in yours, too, for as long as you both shall live.

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