Masks to Cooler Dabbas Commute Friendly Gift Ideas

Masks to Cooler Dabbas Commute Friendly Gift Ideas

Must Carry Commute Friendly Gifts for your Close One

Everyone in our society, more or less, travel throughout the week to the workplace, academic studies, and other places. Whether it is a schoolboy or a working professional, it is always essential to carry some rudiment items while we are on road, in school, or office. These are the items without which we can’t even think of travelling. 

So why don’t you consider these things as birthday presents? From the next time, while placing an order for Online flower delivery in mumbai on your friend’s birthday, pick one or more of these essential items as your Gift. Your present surely will never be dumped into the storeroom.

Wallet or Handbag

Can anyone think of going out of the house without keeping money with him/her? Probably not. You first hound for the ready money, cards, and the moneybag. Provide your friend a nice wallet or a bag- the most essential element for the commuters.

Metallic Water Bottle 

Water is life and we can’t stay without it. While you are on a bus or taxi you feel more dehydrated and it is very important to carry purified water while on a journey. Hence you may think about gifting a stainless steel water bottle to your close one. The plastic bottle intoxicates the water and may over time harm you. These bottles are very handy and most importantly they are air-tight, which provides you cool water without any contamination.

Power Bank

While stuck on the road due to the traffic jam, we spend time playing mobile games or watching a video. The most irking situation would be if you notice your phone’s battery is dead. Hoard your friend from being in such vexed circumstances bestowing a power bank. This small device comfortably fits in any bag without making it spare heavy and he/she will remain on Whatsapp messenger with you.

Bluetooth Earbuds

The long-distance train journey is very fretful especially when it is very crowded. Let your pal be relaxed during the way to the office providing noise isolated Bluetooth earbuds. These wireless earbuds are obtainable with its charging case. The charge lasts up to 24 hrs on the standby and you can continue chit chatting on it for 5 hrs. 

Remember this is for those who travel through trains or taxis. If your alley drives own car or walk to the workplace, then using this on-road may cause serious accidents, as it is purely noise proof.

Lunch Box

A daily commuter always prefers lunch from home. Gobbling street foods regularly may cause severe health issues such as high cholesterol, obesity, and some times, in the long run, leads to osteoporosis. 

Render your associate a leakage-proof lunchbox that keeps the food intact and hot. This will keep your friend healthy as well as save loads of money.

A Box of Ferrero Rocher

A box of chocolates is a bit out of the box in this context. However, when it is your loved one’s birthday, he/she deserves to be pampered with delicious chocolates. 

We are quite familiar with diabetics but too many exercises and hectic journeys may cause, hypoglycaemia, fall of blood sugar level. For this reason, if someone is not a diabetic, he/she may carry chocolates or sweets while on the way. It provides instant energy and strength reduces the risk of fainting due to immense work pressure. 

Bloomsvilla endows supreme quality 16 pcs of Ferrero Rocher, which your associate can pick one by one every day.

An Umbrella

The climate in India remains searing or rainy most of the time. Give your close one a shield from being tanned due to the scorching heat. Your friend will stay away from cold and cough using this umbrella in drizzly monsoon too. Grasp a three-folded umbrella so that it can protect your pal and his/her stuff and fit well in a medium space.


Your bookworm alley will love to have this present. Kindle paperwhite renders different experience than e-books. It is soothing to the eyes as paper book reading when reading for long hours. Your pal can spend a couple of hours on the way reading this. It is readable under the sunlight too.

These items can be the perfect companion of your commuter friend. The recipient will feel delighted to get and use these presents for years to come at the same time appreciating your thoughts and efforts in choosing these items. 

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