Betterhelp Honest Review : A Detailed Analysis of BetterHelp

betterhelp review

Betterhelp is one of the world’s leading teletherapy company offers the online therapy with over 16,000 licensed professionals. With over a million happy patients, Betterhelp is the name people take when we think about affordable online therapy option.

So we decide to review Betterhelp that includes its features, its pros and cons, Sign up process, Pros and cons and more.

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So Lets get Started.

Overview of Betterhelp Online Therapy:

Betterhelp Home Page

Betterhelp has been serving people for over eight years. With over a million happy patients, Betterhelp is one of the most leading online therapy service providers across the globe. They have over one and a half million patients and worked in the year 2020. All the therapists and professionals have over 1000 hours or a minimum of 3 years of expertise.

Product Name BetterHelp Online Therapy
Usability Mobile platforms (ios + Android Both)
HIPPA Compliant Yes
Year Founded 2013
Price Starts from $35/ Week
Payment options Credit card or PayPal
Free Trial Available  Yes, 7 Days Free Trial
Session Types Video, Chat, Voice, Messaging

Signup Process of Betterhelp Online therapy:

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to use Betterhelp:

1. You Can Start the Process by App or Visiting the Website.

2. You will be asked some questions that will help Betterhelp to match with best therapist.

Get Started with Betterhelp

3. After Completing the questionnaire. You will be asked to fill your details like name, email and password to complete the sign up.

verify Your Email Address

4. After this a verification email will be sent to your email id . Then you you will be redirect to a page where you will be ask preference while choosing your therapist.

Choose Your Therapist Preference

5.  After this you will be redirect to choose a payment method and continue.

Once you Register on Betterhelp website, it rarely takes less than 24 hours to connect with a therapist and if you are not happy and satisfied with the therapist, you can always request a change.

You can select from a pool of therapists that offer expertise from life transitions to career issues. It offers therapy sessions for Individuals, Teens and Couples.

If you want to Start your therapy with your choice of therapist that we have found another way also. We always recommend you to go with this way while signing up with Betterhelp.

1. Follow this Link of Betterhelp.

2. Click on the call to action namely “Find a Therapist” In the Footer.


3. Select you state or city. At once Betterhelp will show you option of 20 therapist,  In case if you don’t like any, just refresh your page and you will array of other therapist.


4. Select Your Therapist and Click on Get Started Button to continue with Your Therapist. Now you are all set. Wait for your therapist reply, Once you get the reply Feel free to share your things with counselor.

Areas Covered By Betterhelp:

According to Betterhelp Professional If you are in Emergency or in crises situation Betterhelp is not useful in that case. Below are the areas Betterhelp Work with.

Stress depression trauma
anxiety addiction anger
relationships eating family conflicts
parenting sleeping LGBTQIA+ matters
grief religion self-esteem

Pricing Plan of Betterhelp:

if you are not sure you can try Betterhelp Free for 7 Days. There are different Subscription plan That are charged on monthly basis.

Here is the Breakdown of Betterhelp Pricing Details:

1. Unlimited Text Messages Billed $80/week

In this Plan you will get Unlimited text messages and live sessions and you will be charged $80/week.

2. Unlimited Text Messages Billed $65/week

In this Plan You will get Four weeks of unlimited messages and live sessions for $260 that will be billed monthly.

3. Unlimited Text Messages Billed $45/week

In this Plan You will get Three months of unlimited messages and live sessions for $540 hat will be Billed Quarterly.

4. Unlimited Text Messages Billed $35/week

In this Plan You will get Twelve months of unlimited messages and lives sessions for $1820 hat will be billed Yearly.

Betterhelp Pros and Cons:

Pros of Betterhelp Online Therapy:

1. 7 Days Free Trial Available and Unlimited sessions  with your therapist.

2. Easy and user-friendly interface for patients to cope with this transformation.

3. You can switch between therapists until you find a perfect match for your needs.

4. Online therapy sessions are even better than regular in-person therapy session from others.

5. Personal care with a rating system, and multiple quizzes to gauge enhanced performance.

6. Great explanation of the therapy sessions and one-on-one sessions for individuals.

7. Different modes of communication like text, call, video, conference, webinars, etc.

8. Ranges between $60 to $120 per week depending on the therapy availed.

9. Message your therapist whenever needed, no scheduling required.

10. Provides worksheets, assignments and tasks to cover till the next session.

Cons of Betterhelp Online Therapy:

1. One price plan for all patients and services billed monthly.

2. You may find generic responses by therapists or the exercises may look common for all.

3. Offers you a list of therapists as per your illness and discourages you to choose on your own.

4. Matches the perfect therapists based on the questionnaire and the answers you submit.

5. Rescheduling therapy sessions may hamper your business routine.

6. Text replies may take around 24 hours.

Is Betterhelp Online Therapy Secure?

Yes, I couldn’t say more. They are HIPPA Compliant and have 265 SSL encryption this means all your data is secure and can not be access by any. If you are worried about therapist then according to Betterhelp professionals, therapist are abide by the rules that means they can not share the information to any. Even Betterhelp itself do not have its client data.

So come to the point, you can try Betterhelp without a worry.

Is Betterhelp Worth the Money?

 If we compare Betterhelp plans to traditional online therapy then for traditional online therapy you have to pay around $200-$250/ week and Betterhelp pricing starts from $65/ week which is half of traditional online therapy and way more comfortable.

Still you are unsure about Betterhelp you can begin with its 7 days free trial without a subscription.

Start Your Betterhelp Free Trial

if you are in crisis or life threatening conditions it is suggested not to go for Betterhelp or any online therapy options. Instead call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

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