5 Secrets to Fight Oily Summer Skin

Oily Summer Skin

The summer is just around the corner, and it always brings hot days. Sunny days make our skin oily and greasy. Summer can harsh your skin and demand more skincare. Your skin needs a seasonal change. Researchers from Aurangzeb hospital share that Sunlight exposure and dehydration can lead to irritable skin.

Skin with clogged pores increases the acne risk. Some people find it quite difficult to manage oily skin, which causes several skin issues. Learning about the skincare routine for summer can prevent clogged pores and acne.

If you have no idea how to manage oily skin in the summer season, you are in the right place. We have come with some dermatologist-proven tips.

Home Remedies to Treat Oily Skin

Wash your Face Twice a Day but Don’t Over Wash

In summer, you feel sweatier than in any other season. People often think that washing their face frequently or taking shower more than once can help them deal with sweat. Washing your face can lose the needed moisture. Using face wash more than twice a day ends up losing the needed oil rather than the more oil production. You can use cold water to remove extra oil from your face but remember that you use face wash two times only.

Use Less Makeup

The use of foundation in summer can end up in clogged pores that cause acne. Research says that foundation usage on hot days results in thinning and melting down your face. When you use extra products in summer, your skin will be at high risk of clogged pores. Face skin with clogged pores prone to pimples that can cause irritation and itchy skin. If you want to go outside, use concealer and powder to make your skin smooth. Such a skin routine can help you to deal with oily skin and keep it glowing.

Oil-Free Diet

People who like fried food or can’t live with junk food should avoid it in summer. To balance your skin tone, it is necessary to cut back on processed foods. Skin specialists suggest the people eat a diet rich in fruits, veggies, and proteins. It’s been proven that the use of lemon sand kiwis helps a lot to fight against acne. These ingredients also work best to maintain skin tone.


According to studies, working out has many benefits for health. It improves blood flow and nourishes the skin cells. In summer, blood circulation helps a lot to open the clogged pores. You need to work out regularly to remove the toxins from the skin. Make sure that you also hydrate yourself by drinking 5-6 glasses of water. Excess water flushes out the toxins out of the body.

Avoid the Sunlight Exposure

Harmful UV rays are dangerous for your skin. Being out in sunlight leads to more sweating. Sunlight causes paradoxical results in oil production. Such oil production ends up with greasy skin. Unbearable sunlight exposure can harm your skin, especially at its peak time.

You need to cover your face and don’t forget to wear sunglasses. Sunblock is also the best solution to protect your skin against harmful sunlight.

How Can I Get Glowing Skin in summer for Oily Skin?

The most popular home remedies for oily skin are the:

  • Use of cucumber
  • Gram flour
  • Tomatoes
  • Lemon juice
  • Egg whites

Whenever you think of going outside, you should not forget to apply sunblock. It works best for your skin as a shield from harmful UV rays and prevents premature aging. If you have a sunburn issue, you need to use sunscreen as it is the best way to protect your skin. You can also consider it as your cosmetic option because it will eliminate the use of foundation and other cosmetics.

If you want healthy skin, sunscreen is a better choice. It enhances skin health and lowers the risks of skin cancer.


Experts from Bismillah Taqee hospital say that we need to use weather-appropriate products. You need light skin products in summer that allow your skin to breathe. You need to go with gel-based moisturizers for your oily skin. Before night, you should cleanse your skin and moisturize it.

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