How to Get the Students Ready to Go Back to School After Lockdown

How to Get the Students Ready to Go Back to School After Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has pretty much affected each and every sector of almost every country it has hit, including the education sector too. Schools and higher institutions have been shut down for almost 4 months in India. This all resulted in students, experiencing mixed emotions about the reopening of schools and colleges.

Though the Central Board has postponed the examinations and the academic year is expected to get delayed by almost a year, the schools are said to be opened after August 15.

The parents and teachers are starting to get concerned about the safety of students as well as the education being affected. Keeping both the aspects in mind, almost all the schools have started conducting online classes for students to get a hold of the course curriculum.

However, some of the best private schools in Jaipur have something different to say. According to them, online classes cannot be the solution in the long run as children learn more than just reading, writing, science, and maths if in school. It helps them in learning moral values, emotional skills, also, physical fitness is getting affected because of being stuck at home because of coronavirus.

Therefore, many CBSE, private as well as government schools have started making the necessary changes and modifications to follow the norms of social distancing and sanitation to invite the students safely back to the school.

So much for staying at home, the students may find it hard to go back to a new normal life. This is what we can do in order to support them and get them happily to school:-


Preparing the Students Mentally

Being quarantined and stuck at home is somehow growing more and more on the children, as they are growing more lethargic and obese. They need to step out and safely, live the active lifestyle they should have. Therefore parents and teachers should start taking one to one sessions with the students in order to get their mindset ready for them to return to schools.

Help them understand the “New Normal”

It is important for the students to learn that chances are that COVID-19 is probably going to be with us for a long time. They need to understand the severity and sensitivity of the situation. And how everything needs to go back to normal.

There can be students who might have suffered or experienced grief, personal loss, or abuse at home, therefore, it is important to help them interact, share, and comprehend with the teachers. This can be done by organizing extracurricular activities interactive comprehensive sessions for students.

Lastly, parents and students should be ensured of their safety by making them aware of the proper safety measures taken by schools such as sanitization, social distancing, and regular temperature checks and testing should be done.

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