Importance of a Digital Marketing Company in Dubai in 2020

Digital Marketing Company in Dubai

As we enter the second half of 2020, a realization hits us as to how important the digital economy has become to our everyday lives. Not just in the UAE, but all over the world, the surprising boom of online digital marketing as an industry is astonishing. While on the one side, individuals and businesses understand the importance of digital marketing companies in Dubai and are beginning to reap profitable benefits, others are still struggling to understand the need and are slowly falling behind their competitors.

Did you know 39% of the Dubai population prefer buying their goods and services online? People opting to move online seems like a natural progression especially during these trying times.

Lets dive into the statistics as provided by the Internet World Stats (IWS). Dubai has seen exponential growth of internet users over the last 10 years, with a surprisingly high penetration rate of 96.4%. This opens a significantly huge number of opportunity for the growth of local businesses wanting to go digital and for the online marketing industry as well.

UAE has emerged as one of the largest economies for digital marketing. Industries like retail stores, the hospitality sector, advertising agencies, real estate, etc have a high demand for digital marketing companies.
Dubai has lead the way with this drive in growth to the digital economy.

A Digital Marketing Agency can help an individual or business create a brand name and online presence:-

Creating a Marketing Strategies for the Client

Every campaign (traditional or online), needs a marketing strategy. In this case an digital marketing agency can help create a strategy for content marketing, SEO, Social media, email marketing, etc, as per the clients’ needs.

Business Analysis and Research

We help you understand the market you want to capture. We perform in-depth market analysis and research analyzing the latest trends and competition.

Build a Social Media Presence Online

With the move online it is paramount that a brand is cultivated online. This is done through many avenues but currently the best way id through a social media presence. This can either be done in house or via the help of a Digital Marketing agency. However, you decide to do this an engaged audience is key.

Lead Generation

As with tradition media, the purpose of all businesses is to generate leads. As an online marketing agency, we can help lead you in the ways of lead generation through the use of traffic funnels to help with conversions.

Creating and Implementing SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is the perfect way to boost and grow your business. An effective SEO strategy works in silence, According to Rooted Digital, one of the digital marketing company and top SEO agency in Dubai:
SEO creates awareness-> awareness generates traffic-> traffic creates sales.

With the online world continuously evolving as new technology is introduced. We will continue to experience massive growth and opportunities in the online landscape. The importance of digital marketing in the coming years can’t be underestimated.

Examples of this include: video-based marketing, customized marketing and influencer marketing. Bringing us to think about how much digital has progressed over the last decade.

Most businesses don’t have time and resources to invest into learning the new “trends”. Let Rooted Digital help you navigate this minefield as we are always investing and learning what are the most recent developments in this constantly changing landscape.

Competition is increasing and trends are getting older, such as email marketing getting replaced by Facebook live, stories, etc.
Digital marketing has outperformed traditional marketing and is going to continue being the place getting the most attention. A Business or brand that does not invest in building its online presence will not be around in the next 5 years.

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