How to lead a team of people successfully

How to lead a team of people successfully

John C. Maxwell had said, “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

Few people are born with leadership qualities and a few develop them by learning. Leaders guide you towards your purpose and help you in overcoming the obstacles in the way. They do it with empathy, integrity and ethics. Successful businesses operate under strong leadership and to attain that, one must know how to lead a team of people successfully. 

Risk-taking ability is unique to every entrepreneur or investor which shapes their leadership style. 

Here are some ways to lead your team towards success.

Understand your team: You can influence your team in the right way when you know who they are and what they need. Leaders like Dwayne Rettinger learn the strength and weaknesses of each team member to guide them towards their goals.

Communicate: All great leaders are great communicators. If you want your team to listen to you, communicate well. Show them that you are interested in their problems. Employees who feel heard, work better towards the organizational goals. Encourage and appreciate your team and celebrate even the smallest achievements.

Share Responsibilities: Success isn’t achieved by one person. It is a result of efficient teamwork. Make smart teamwork by delegating jobs.  As a leader, you know the strengths of your team members.  Share responsibilities as per their talent and abilities and set realistic expectations from them.

Set your team free: You are there to guide and not spoon-feed your team members. Communicate and delegate the task and set them free to be creative. A good leader doesn’t micromanage the team.

Take decisions: Great leaders are decisive. They constantly work towards the team objective. Be assertive and patient to put forward your point and take your team’s feedback with compassion.

Be a risk-taker: Leaders like Dwayne Rettinger Investors Group reward their people for successes and take accountability for failures. Build trust in your people. Make them passionately work under your guidance.

Make friends with your team: Don’t be bossy. Set the rules and expectations but act as a partner and a friend to your team. Help them in their day to day work. For example, If they need suggestions for managing their finances, guide them. It will help you build a strong bond with your team members.

Be a leader and not just a manager: All leaders manage, but all managers don’t lead. Leaders set examples. They know the way, go the way and show the way. Don’t just say, do it. Make sure that your expectations from your team aren’t hypothetical and are congruent with what you do.

Lead yourself to lead others: You can’t give to others what you don’t have. Build yourself first. Invest in yourself, improve your EQ, keep yourself stress free, upgrade your skills with new technologies and practices. Become self-aware and empathetic towards your team members. 

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