How To Tell Someone You Love Them

How To Tell Someone You Love Them

The year 2020 has taught us to live each moment to the fullest before some unprecedented occurring takes it away. This year gave little opportunities to us be it on our professional or personal fronts. So with the charm and good luck of the new year, everyone commences to buckle up on all perspectives of life. And while other things may take some given time, valentine’s day is closing upon us very soon. 

Love knows no boundaries, and there is no right moment to confess your feelings to someone, but there is a perfect day, February 14th. It is the universal day of love and is hopeful to work in your favour too. If you have been admiring a girl in your life who seems to be an angel to you, who you want to spend the rest of your life with and can’t wait to tell her how you feel, your moment is right around the corner. 

Fallen in love but under-confident about how to express it and not shy away from the perfect moment, we have some tips for you that may tilt the conversation in your favour. 


  • Greet With Something Sweet


It’s like what Bollywood has been singing about; girls love sugar; girls love their share of sweets. If there is a thing that can take you closer to your girl’s heart if not diamonds, it’s something sweet yet presentable. To do this, you can order cake delivery in Hisar and order jar cakes or mini cakes to surprise her and convince her of your love. 


  • Send Her Flowers


You can always take a single flower, whenever you go to meet her; it is always a nice gesture and a meaningful representation of your love. Apart from this, you are looking to startle her at midnight or surprise her with something she is least expecting? A bunch of red roses with a beautiful message along will be the perfect conveyance of your emotions. 


  • Presents Without A Reason


Presents here don’t mean hefty and pricey gift items that will take a needless toll on your pocket, but it means a sharing of the resourceful present that speaks of your love more than it does of your potential. You can give a bar of chocolate or a greeting card, a food item or a keyring every once in a while. It will be something to remember and cherish for times you fall in a fight. 


  • Handmade Presents


Handmade presents are another great way to express your love to your girl. There is nothing that can compete better in the league of gifts to be given to your girl. You can take the help of the internet or go for help from your friends who take an interest in creativity and bring such pieces of art to execution. Explosion boxes, greeting cards, boxes with mini presents inside are some options. 


  • Customised Diaries 


This may sound like a less liked option, but hear us out this is very insightful. The purpose here is not to gift something for writing needs but an aesthetic and cute gift to your girl. Diaries with very soft fur wraps have newly bombed the market; they have 3D figures on top that make it girl’s favourite, and you can see them going nuts over it for reasons men find hard to understand. Similar diaries with different unicorn or bunny face covers are also in the list of options. 


  • Polaroid Camera


If your girl likes to click pictures and maintain a scrap file with all her memories intact with little texts describing the day, a polaroid camera is a perfect valentines gift for her. It prints out instant pictures which is like the biggest boon one can ask for. If she is a photogenic person or likes to maintain a social media feed with pictures, she can use her phone, but there’s nothing more convenient than a polaroid camera for realistic scrap files. 

We have done most of what was in our capacity to pave your way to healthy love life, giving you all the ideas. Next is your job to surprise and convey to your girl your extraordinary love and affection. 


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