How to use Skin Beauty Pal App Step by Step Guide

Skincare in the prevailing times is very important considering the high environmental risks and poor lifestyle choices we face. Sadly, there are several reasons why availing quality skincare consultation and treatment might not be feasible for many of us. Understanding the concern, Skin Beauty Pal, a revolutionary AI-based skin and beauty app has provided the users with an easy and effective way to achieve flawless skin. 

What is Skin Beauty Pal?

Skin Beauty Pal is the only AI-based skincare app in India. The app takes a personalized approach towards skincare, offering tailor-made solutions to the users. It is a feature-rich app that enables the users to connect with their skin, analyze and work towards a glorious transformation.  

How to Use Skin Beauty Pal?

Skin Beauty Pal is an easy to use, user-friendly application for skin and beauty solutions. Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide to use it.

Step 1:

Depending upon your mobile phone, download Skin Beauty Pal from Google Play Store

Step 2: 

Install the app on your phone by following the easy instructions. 

Step 3:

Once installed, open the app to access the various features.

Here are the Various Features of Skin Beauty Pal:

Measure with a Picture:

This feature allows you to evaluate your skin’s health by uploading a selfie on the app. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, the app will process the image and derive conclusions. 

Access to Articles and Blogs:

Skin Beauty Pal has one of the richest inventories of skin and beauty blogs & articles. Informational and created by credible dermatologists, these articles and blogs are free to access.

7-Day Free Skin Enhancement Plan:

Get a customized skincare plan for your specific skin type and condition and get the best results. The plan is developed for your individual needs, covering all aspects including problems like Sensitive Skin, Oil Control, Spot Correction, Anti-ageing and more.

Remote Consultation:

One of the most prominent features of the Skin Beauty Pal App is Remote consultation. The app has a panel of certified and experienced dermatologists. You can book an appointment and consult with the doctors regarding your skin problems. 

Skin Beauty Pal is a one-stop solution for your skin and beauty concerns. Download the app and use it as per the above mentioned simple steps.

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