10 Interesting Facts About the Trumpet Everyone Should Know

Trumpet is a brass instrument which is used primarily for classical and jazz music. it is a magnificent instrument and is an absolute ear candy. If you are interested in jazz music then trumpet is a great choice for you. The instrument has made its reputation over the years and trumpet lessons are becoming famous by the passing day.

Here are some intriguing facts about the instrument.

10 Facts About the Trumpet You Should Know

1. It is not as small as it seems: A trumpet seems compact but it actually contains roughly six and a half feet of tubing, almost as big as an average human. Still you can easily hold it in your hands.

2. Trumpets was used in armies: In earlier times armies used to use trumpets as a signal device, since it has a loud sound and can be heard over long distances.

3. Trumpets were first invented in 1500 BC: Yes, that is indeed true. Trumpets are ancient and has been in existence since 1500 BC. In fact, bronze and silver trumpets were found in King Tut’s grave.

4. It took three people to make the trumpets that we know today: Charles Clagget, Heinrich Stoelzel, and Friedrich Bluhmel worked together to make the valve mechanism of the trumpet.

5. World’s largest trumpet is more than 100 feet long: It is 104 feet and 11.84 inches long. Its bell has a diameter of 17 feet and a circumference of 22 feet. Benny J. Mamoto played this humongous trumpet successfully on 31 October 2009, breaking the world record for playing the largest trumpet ever.

6. Trumpets were hollowed out sticks: The earliest trumpets were not a human invention. Instead it is believed that sticks hollowed out by insects made the earliest trumpets.

7. Many notes can be played on the trumpet: Even though the trumpet only have three valves but over 45 distinct notes can be played by manipulating these valves.

8. Trumpets and Cornet aren’t the same: Cornet is similar to trumpet, but they are different, the difference is minute but it is important. Cornet is more conical as compared to the trumpet. It has a mellower tone and is smaller than a trumpet.

9. The $50,000 trumpet: It is the most expensive trumpet that has ever been sold. Dizzy Gillepie’s trumpet was auctioned off and sold as the most expensive trumpet of the world in 1995.

10. Trumpets aren’t cheap: Anyone who plays the instrument knows that they aren’t cheap. They can range from $200 to $10,000 or even more!

These were fascinating facts about trumpet. It is an instrument with rich sound and history. If you are intrigued by the instrument and want to learn this royal instrument then you should definitely enrol yourself into trumpet lessons. And don’t worry, Toronto has a wide range of quality trumpet lessons and it even supports its local artists, so you should definitely go for it!

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