Lipstick – The backbone of makeup

Lipstick – The backbone of makeup

Lipstick is a popular cosmetic that the majority of women use. It applies to colour, and texture, and gives protection to lips. Lipstick makes the lips stand out and draws attention to the lips. Women and girls should be aware that there are plenty of lipstick choices available in the market. Buying lipstick is just not about the shade but also about taking care of the lipstick type that suits your requirement and matches your look and complexion. 

There are plenty of stores where the saleswomen guide you to fetch the right lipstick choice. Also, many online stores are available, and it becomes easy for you to buy lipstick online. Online stores have many product descriptions and reviews, and you can purchase the one that is feasible for you.

You will have a lot of questions before you buy lipstick. A few of them are which lipstick stays long, which lipstick gives the best nourishment, etc. So, in this article, let us discuss the various lipstick types. 

  1. Sheer Lipstick – Sheer lipstick gives a little shine and spark. This lipstick type is best suited for women who love to show a little spark on their lips. Sheer lipstick has moisturizing oil to prevent your lips from getting dry. This lipstick is best suited for an office or party and with any outfit. For dry or chapped lips, sheer lipstick would be the ideal choice. 
  2. Matte Lipstick – Matte lipstick enhances your lip appearance with a pure colour giving an even and smooth texture. This lipstick also helps to hide patchy and pigmented lips. Faces Canada Ultime pro matte lipstick is a luxurious lipstick formed with rose extract to give a vow effect on your lips. To have full effectiveness of the matte lipstick, it is ideal that you apply a bam on your lip first before applying the lipstick. The balm fills up the cracks and gives a complete texture to your lips.
    1. Glossy Lipstick – Glossy lipstick has a watery finish and gives a shiny look when applied to your lips. This is a good one for thin and dry lips. The glow factor on this lipstick is fantastic. Also, glossy lipstick is deeply hydrated. Glossy lipstick is available in the form of liquid and gloss sticks. Gloss-sticks look like lipsticks but give the finish of a gloss. 
    2. Creamy Lipstick – Creamy lipstick is easy to apply given a gliding glow. Creamy lipstick is rich in butter and oil, thus making it workable for dry lips. It also has a high amount of wax that increases the staying power of the lipstick. The colour and coverage vary according to shade. Creamy lipsticks are ideal for colder climates as it melts when the weather is hot. 
    3. Stain Lipsticks – Stain lipsticks are excellent for those who prefer to have lipstick that lasts all through the day. As this lipstick tends to dry up the skin, it is better to apply a balm before applying this lipstick. By using the balm, the lips will be moisturized. 
    4. Liquid Matte Lipstick – Liquid matte lipstick is a moisturizing lipstick that comes in liquid form. On applying this lipstick, in just a few minutes, it transforms into a semi-matte and then to a matte finish giving your lips an excellent look. Liquid matte lipstick works like magic by preventing your lips from drying. It is easy to apply and provides a vow with effect. 
    5. Matte Balms – Matte balms have the goodness of balms that gives a matte finish. Matte balms are like a lipstick masks. It provides all the features of a balm with the look and colour of that of matte lipstick. It is easy to use, and it glides onto your lips naturally that gives a smooth and long-lasting finish. In fact, the matte balms are multi-taskers. 
    6. Balm Tints – Balm tints are excellent lip care with a dash of colour on them. It is ideal for daily purposes. Balm tints are available in crayon and leave your lips moist, giving a natural look. Also, some balm tints come with SPF protection as well which helps to keep your lips nourished. 


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