The first beautiful colleges in the world are some of the most unforgettable monumental marvels. It is a memory etched in the minds of the pass-outs who never stop marveling about it even years after the learnings that s/he receives there. Einstein has rightly summed, ‘education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned in school’, and the memory lingers. Based on the campus architects, some of the world’s best-looking universities in the world are:

Top Beautiful UNIVERSITIES in The World:

1. Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio

most beautiful university

Founded : 1824

Campus Area: 1000-acre

The signature design of the Kenyon college is the ten-foot-wide middle footpath that ends on the gothic central artery, the most beautiful highlight of the campus. Isolated and pastoral in its whereabouts, the long trail park is a relic of the tight-knit campus community, the campus’ motto.

2. Oxford, England

Oxford, England beautiful univerysity

Founded : 912 AD

Campus Area: 963 acres

One of the most prestigious universities that have a structure dating back to the 11th Century. It has to date several students just yearning to be a part of their academic team. The long-established academic curriculum, dating back to centuries, at Oxford is a role model for the other elitist universities of the world. Their teachings and monastic dwellings, with cobbled pathways, domes, and arches, are a masterpiece in architecture, and their study pattern eulogized in almost every premier institution. The famous Radcliffe Camera, 1737, is a reading room with some of the original books and periodicals available from across the world.

3. Trinity College, Dublin – Ireland

Founded : 1592

Campus Area: 3400 acres

Trinity, founded by Queen Elizabeth, is like the sister educational center of the Oxford matching also in its architectural finesse. However, much more human in scale when compared to the monastic like look of the Oxford. Trinity College and the school has quietly pursued the simplest architects in Ireland and Britain.

4. Princeton University, New Jersey

princeton university

Founded : 1746

Campus Area: 600 acres

This classic American campus is a dull gray Gothic design among the Ivy league of Colleges that has an out of the world design and architecture ‘straight out of central casting’. The imposing designs of the buildings are entirely in tandem with the mix of the greenery surrounding the gothic structure with walkaways. The college remains a name to reckon with where the campus maintains life on a ‘human scale’ with its walk-abilities and spontaneous discussion grounds and green spaces available for its elitist academic students.

5. Stanford University, Northern California

stanford university

Founded : 1885

Campus Area: 8000 acres

Stanford’s architecture stands forth as being cohesive in its style. Despite so many years that have flown under the bridge from the time the college came-up, it’s architecture looks magnanimous on account of its cohesiveness to its initial design and precepts. The new science and engineering faculties are an excellent amalgamation of the latest and the old style of architecture. It is maintained by the continuity in retaining the design, the walls, and the texture of the new finish that uniquely matches the former. A dramatic entrance complements the drama around the campus through the Palm Drive, housing romantically Spanish-looking red-tile roofs, and a myriad of green patches.

6. Scripps College, Claremont – California

Scripps College

Founded : 1926

Campus Area: 32 acres

Among the top women’s colleges besides Wellesley, the Scripps, founded in 1926, is relatively young in spirit. The educational environment that is young in mind is complemented by the artistic connection between the building grounds and the deciduous forest greenery surrounding it. The amber tree leaves falling each year embarks each student, enrolled here, on their autumn fall journey — marked with fun, frolics, and frivolity. The pass-outs never stop reminiscing the almond and orange shrubs aroma, those that filled the campus with their whiff.

7. Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Tsinghua University

Founded : 1911

Campus Area: 980 acres

Tsinghua University, relatively young, 1925, sits on the previous site of the Qing Dynasty’s royal gardens, a historical site in Beijing. The campus highlights water bodies artificially created. They house lotus blossoms and stone finished benches under thatched green trees that reflect on the several ponds. It gives an oasis-like feel also inspiring students. The landscaping remains eternally Chinese in tradition with a slice of west reflecting in their newer areas that have developed recently with many western-style edifices. This university also provides 24*7 support and assignment writing help to international students.

8. The United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs

United States Air Force Academy

Founded : 1954

Campus Area: 18455 acres

USAFA has buildings clad in aluminum, suggesting the skin of airplanes, and therefore extremely different in architecture that stands out among the buildings. It also houses the Cadet’s Chapel, also a collegiate or otherwise. The multidimensional chapel was designed for different religious services to be held simultaneously without interference.

9. Wellesley College, Wellesley, Boston

Wellesley College

Founded : 1855

Campus Area: 500 acres

The serene environment of Wellesley College for girls allows a humanistic discipline. Placed near Lake Waban in Wellesley, near Boston, the college is the crowning jewel of the distinguished ‘Seven Sisters’ campus. It houses an integrated look of the modern and the contemporary in a natural topography of greens and streams. It is a very well known saying that the stream fed by nearby waterfalls flows up to here from Yale University.

10. Yale University, New Haven

Yale University

Founded : 1701

Campus Area: 122 acres

Known for its architectural standpoint, ‘Yale University’ has more show-stoppers mainly for its urban campus, different from all its contemporaries like League, Princeton, and Harvard. The gothic colonial structure is not only quirky but full of surprises with the spaces filled with vast stretches of landscapes shaped in angles and quadrangles that give a delightfully quirky look to the campus offering many ‘getaways’ for an urban school.

Summing Up

The question is looming large on most of the universities campus and their upkeep; what with the Universities worldwide responding to Covid-19, an outbreak that sent most on a lockdown, wherein universities have to resort to conducting online classes for the session 2020. It remains to be seen ahead how these beautiful universities and those in the Ivy League are going to maintain their levels. The mentioned colleges have always remained very selective about their admissions. They have now shifted to newer, more prominent programs to keep their education process going. Among them are Harvard, Cornell, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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