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Implementing good healthcare facilities at the worksite is the key to the success of the organization. It provides employees with easy access to the healthcare services, onsite access to medical professionals and thereby helps them to detect diseases and infections early thereby protecting them from severe complications before it strikes.

Yes! It’s no doubt that online healthcare facilities at the workplace are gaining more popularity these days. Escalating the healthcare costs and navigating the employees to good healthcare facilities should be the mission of the organization. In this context here is an article to understand the importance of onsite healthcare facilities and their benefits. So, keep reading the post to know more about it!

Importance of healthcare facilities at the workplace:

Poor health of the employees can impact the workplace negatively. The combination of good nutrition along with the well-balanced diet, good physical activity, and improving mental wellness reduces stress, anxiety, back pain, obesity, chronic health conditions, to name a few.

Employee satisfaction and good health improve productivity, reduces healthcare cost, and give the organization the dynamic, efficient, and effective workplace culture. A few importance of implementing healthcare facilities at corporate organization include:

Provides the employees to understand and work towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle

  • Introducing corporate wellness programs at the worksite
  • Provides the best private healthcare like cancer treatment, maternity cover, home nursing etc.

Benefits of onsite healthcare:

We are seeing a steep rise in the onsite clinics getting implemented in the companies. Employers don’t want to take off their valuable work time waiting for the appointment and thinking about the bill as it gets generated afterwards. Instead, they can get good healthcare, right on-time right at the company. Now, let’s go through a few of the onsite healthcare benefits:

1. Getting access to quality healthcare is a must as it helps to maintain good health. Due to the tight work schedule, the searching for quality healthcare services for the employees is little difficult hence providing onsite healthcare facilities help to screen any health issues in one go. Also, we often neglect our health due to a busy work schedule and keep piling the diseases. Hence, to avoid such severe complications and to manage diseases the need of onsite healthcare is so important at the workplace.

2. Onsite health services save time, reduce absenteeism, improve employee retention, and prevents advanced stages of diseases as it is possible to detect the diseases at an early stage before the disease strikes.

3. Onsite corporate healthcare services help manage employees chronic medical conditions thus, helps to mitigate long-term health complications at the company site for many! We are susceptible to many lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and increased body weight due to hectic work pressure. Keeping a track of these parameters helps to reduce the employees from severe health complications.

4. Implementing onsite health hubs improve productivity. It reduces employees applying for leave days and it’s less time to get themselves checked when the clinics are available onsite.

5. Onsite healthcare services help to identify the diseases or infections early whether it is chronic or if you have any other significant healthcare issues.

6. Corporate medical hub helps to pick the right clinicians based on the data received from the employees based on age, gender, occupation etc. So, selecting the clinician based on the employee’s needs works better!

7. Onsite health and medical hub also provide employees with awareness programs by sharing the knowledge of diseases, the importance of taking the well-balanced diet and the need for physical activity and many more! Hence it provides everyone with health awareness in the building.

8. Helps to maintain and strengthen employees and employer relationships.

To sum up, online healthcare facilities and employee health check-up are definitely an employee-friendly approach, provides cost-effective and quality health care in one go to maintain good health at the worksite!

Onsite Healthcare Clinics Boost Productivity:

The Towers Watson 2012 Onsite Health Center Survey found that productivity was a goal for 62% of companies surveyed – making it the No.1 benefit desired from this approach. Onsite health care clinics also are seen as a means to boost productivity by allowing employees to more easily fit treatment into their schedules, eliminating the need for many medical visits to offsite facilities. Improved access to convenient care also can:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Prevent disability claims
  • Mitigate work-related injuries

Clinics help identify illness earlier

Removing common barriers employees cite to receiving care, time and convenience, allows for earlier intervention of both chronic and significant healthcare issues.

Many employers require biometric screenings and promote compliance with preventive screenings as part of their health benefits plan. 77% of clinics offer biometrics screenings, and leading clinics use integrated data to aid in early identification of disease or risk.

Early identification helps fuel strategic and meaningful outreach from the clinic, such as working with those who are most at-risk for developing a chronic disease like diabetes, or creating a more in-depth care action plan, which was the case with our member, James. As a requirement of his company’s wellness program, James obtained his annual screening. The results showed an elevated PSA level, and the clinician referred James to a urologist. Despite having no symptoms, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

James worked with his care team to understand treatment options and is now cancer-free. He credits his health screening for identifying the cancer early. “I am sure that screening saved my life. I had no symptoms and probably wouldn’t have until the cancer had spread,” James said.

Typical Services That Onsite Clinics Provides

In addition to differences in coverage, onsite clinics often vary widely in the scope of services they offer. Some onsite clinic vendors provide only basic services, similar to an Urgent Care Center or a retail, walk-in clinic.

Others, such as Proactive MD’s onsite Health & Wellness Centers, may operate more like a primary care office, establishing long-term relationships of care with patients, and offering a comprehensive range of services. These more robust options may also include services outside the clinic walls, such as Patient Advocacy, second opinion networks for costly and complicated diagnoses, and virtual care or telemedicine.

When looking for an onsite clinic vendor, it’s important to understand which services are included in the proposal in order to make an accurate comparison.

The Increasing Use of Onsite and Near-site Clinics

In 2018, NAWHC conducted national benchmarking surveys of employers of all sizes and industries. In the most recent survey, the key findings were:

  • A full one-third (33%) of US employers with 5,000 or more employees offer general medical worksite clinics in 2017, up from 24% in 2012.
  • Worksite clinics focused on occupational health* are still slightly more prevalent (38%) but not growing as fast as those offering general medical services.
  • While just 16% of organizations with 500-4,999 employees currently provide a general medical clinic, another 8% say they will add one by 2019.

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