Peek Plastic Properties


The plastic or materials of the polyetheretherketone are semi-crystalline and highly-pure polymers, consisting of two ether group repeating monomers and one ketone group. PEEK plastic has exceptional mechanical characteristics, maintained at high temperatures. You can fine the high performance material in PEEK plastic supplier.

PEEK plastic (polyetheretherketone) is a high-performance plastic with excellent strength and dimensional stability to harsh chemical products. It gives steam, water and seawater hydrolysis resistance. PEEK is used for continuous use at temperatures up to 338°F, and it can maintain rigidity at high temperatures (170 degrees C). This plastic engineering has a proven record under challenging settings such as aerospace, oil, gas, food, beverages, and semi-processors.

Physical properties: Strong opaque material with a unique mix of qualities including extraordinary chemical, wear, electric, temperature resistance, dimensional resistance and a range of process capacity are properties of PEEK Sheets and PEEK Rods.

PEEK Material Options and Properties

  • Naturally, Virgin PEEK – is resistant to abrasion.
  • PEEK filled with glass– provides superior mechanical and thermal capabilities, with good resistance to hostile chemical conditions and is electrically isolated over those of the basic PEEK.
  • Bearing grade PEEK– improved qualities for enduring and wear. PEEK pvx is a high-performance wear-enhancing additive bearing material.
  • PEEK-compliant FDA — available grades that meet FDA standards.
  • Detectable PEEK-PEEK UD is a PEEK detectable FDA, dark blue, meant to be used in food processing and the drug industry. Optical, metal and radiological. This substance, which is observable by x-rays and metals, is more than 300°F highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals for the treatment.

Available Grades: 

PEEK materials are available in various grades and sizes depending on the application and the chosen processing technique.

  • In forming extrusion, a powder form is used 
  • Powder coating and compression molding are used with a fine powder form.
  • The profound filters are for the manufacturing of films, film, monofilament, wire filtration and extraction.
  • Infusion moulding is used with glass fibre reinforced pellets.
  • Injection moulding & extrusion is based on carbon fibre reinforced pellets.
  • For injection molding and extrusion, the tribological compound pellets are used (filled with Carbon fiber, PTFE and Graphite filled with carbon black)
  • The Extrusion & Injection Molding Colored Pellets are used.


In many high-performance end-use applications, PEEK materials get used as a replacement for machined metals. These range from automotive, aircraft, industrial pumps, valves and markers to silicon wafer trucks, connectors, countless surgical tools, and the market for medicinal plants.

Automobiles: PEEK rods and PEEK sheets combined with PTFE have developed a novel cylinder head gasket based on the powder coating process.

Aerospace: Specially designed to safeguard the electric and hydraulic cables used in aerospace and accompanying PEEK defensive wound material monofilaments.

Electrical: PEEK accessories for switch jack on coaxial cell phone connector are optional.Industrial: Greene Tweed, a global innovator in high-tech branding, has created a labyrinth brand made of PEEK materials developed from carbon fiber.Medical: Eclipse has successfully replaced aluminium with a PEEK sheet on a self-sufficient dental cartridge syringe for finger and thumb hold.

PEEK plastic suppliers can have a good business in the aforementioned industries, which are in constant need of such materials.

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