6 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Student Accommodation Near the University of Melbourne

Student Accommodation

Melbourne, one of the most livable cities, is also home to seven great universities, including the University of Melbourne. This attracts a large number of the student population to the city every year.

As affordable housing is another feather in Melbourne’s cap, choosing a student property near the University of Melbourne can get tricky. With places like Iglu Student Accommodation open with their luxurious premises, just ten steps away from the university, picking the right accommodation has become more accessible.

Here are six factors to consider when choosing a student accommodation.

The Cost

With the city having a stack of universities under its wings, many student accommodations in the South and North Melbourne areas offer stays in various price ranges.

Decide on a budget based on how you are planning to pay for the place. If you are from Australia or New Zealand or even if you are an international student, a few places like Iglu Student Accommodation offer rental assistance in the form of scholarships.

The Place

It is better that you know beforehand where all the amenities are located so that you don’t choose a student property that is far off from the university campus.

If you are enrolled in the primary university campus in Parkville, look for accommodations near CBD or South Yarra to make your traveling easier. From CBD, it only takes a short walk to reach the campus or a six minutes bicycle ride.

Ensure that the area you choose is well connected with public transport to save a little on transportation costs.

Privacy and Comfort

Going out into the real world for the first time, you may have to experiment with your ways of living to figure out what you like. But, when it comes to privacy, think about how much of the basic privacy you would like in your student house.

Some properties, for example, have en-suite bathrooms, which will be the ideal choice if you are not taken with the idea of sharing a bathroom with other people.

Connectivity and Services

Though the University of Melbourne will be a short walk away from your property in CBD or East End, it is here that you will be spending the majority of your time studying and working on your assignments.

And for this, you will require a reliable and strong internet connection. Pick places that offer good Wi-Fi options. You can find this by researching online, as these properties will have groups on social media where you can enquire the current tenants about how it is like to be staying there.


With thousands of domestic and international students making their rounds in the University of Melbourne and the city hosting sporting events and festivals throughout the year, safety is a factor that should be on top of your list.

You have to feel safe in the student accommodation that you choose. Many places near the university offer high-security access with on-site staff who is available 24×7. The minimum security detail you should look out for is at least a keypad entry for the students with emergency helpline numbers available.

Social Spaces

While studying at the university, most of the strangers that you meet in your student accommodation will turn out to be your lifelong friends. All work, no play is not possible and is not suitable for your mind either.

Therefore, look if the property you choose has communal spaces like a gym, study areas, library, cinema room, terrace, and more as making memories is a part of university life.

Once you are enrolled at the University of Melbourne, take your time and think about the location, your comfort, level of socialization, and privacy before you choose the suitable student accommodation.

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