Role Of Astrology In the Matchmaking Process


Astrology and matchmaking? There is not just a single role of astrology in the matchmaking process. As per the best astrologer in India, astrology is something that is involved in matchmaking from choosing a perfect partner to uniting those partners in marriage. Especially in India, astrology is a crucial part of marriages. We (People of India) are great believers in astrology, we look for our daily horoscopes and even follow the suggestions as per horoscope. So, how could we not consider astrology in matchmaking? And not only in India, but many people out of the country also consider astrological ways for couple twinning. 

Some of the points which include astrology’s role in matchmaking are mentioned below:-

  • Partner Choice

Astrology involves segments like Kundli and doshas. And Kundli matching plays a very critical role in partner choosing. A matched Kundli symbolizes that concerned individuals have a celestial tuning with each other. While the presence of doshas is a sufficient reason to abandon the match.

  • Relationship Stability

Astrology can predict the success of the relationship. Kundli making involves different factors like birth date, place of birth, star sign, etc. together to predict the relationship stability. The main reason for people to go with the Kundli match is to predict the relationship quotient. People have faith that the more Kundli matches, the more stable will the marriage.

  • Family Adaptability

Marriage is not only about two individuals. It’s about two families. A mindful astrologer may also predict if there would be familial compatibility or not.

  • Financial Compatibility

It is very important to have financial compatibility between partners. There are a lot of couples who got separated just because of financial misunderstandings or have daily arguments on financial terms. The best astrologer in India will also help to predict that the couple will have financial stability or not.

  • Marriage Dates

The main role of astrology in the matchmaking process comes in finalizing the marriage date. It is said that things that are done at perfect timings give the best results. The same goes for a marriage. People believe that marriage should be done at the perfect suited timings and these dates are decided by the astrologer. He looks for a well suited day and time as per your Kundli.


Sure, matchmaking will help you to have a good relationship. However, maintaining the balance between astrology and compatibility is the need of the hour. The right guidance with a prominent astrologer in Lucknow can do miracles in your matchmaking process. If there is no mutual understanding between you and your partner, then no star alignment can save your marriage. Not only perfect star alignment, but also compatibility is to be considered in the relationship. It is like, god will help you, but you have to help yourself first. The same goes for a marriage. Only astrology cannot make your relationship perfect, you yourself also have to put efforts to make your relationship better and to make you a perfect couple.

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